Bill praises Hillary, but is she an enabler? Still she is preferable to Trump…

Listened to Bill Clinton’s speech praising wife and now official Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Actually it was so long I turned it off in the middle but then felt guilty and turned it back on; I was driving a truck at the time and listening on radio.

He painted a picture of a life-long liberal/progressive activist. What with her story (as told by Bill) and the influence of Bernie Sanders it seems if Hillary were to win we would be on a leftist trajectory — well the Republicans say we already are with Obama, but he seems more middle to left to me, and as I recall that was the secret of Bill Clinton’s victories. He was liberal and conservative at the same time. I guess socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

Now the speculation is what role would former President Bill play if Hillary becomes president. I know one thing, it’s going to be hard for him to keep his mouth shut.

Bill does have that folksy way of talking. He comes across as folksy yet erudite.

But when I hear or see him I can’t get some of his purported creepy sexual antics out of my mind and the fact he embarrassed the office of the presidency. That to me takes away from some of his appeal in politics.

I mean what is private should stay private and when you are in a high position you have to work extra hard to have control and to keep things that way, and not do anything creepy in the first place. And by creepy I do not mean having sex, I just mean creepy. I mean we don’t know what he actually did, but there were tales of him accosting women. Then you add that to his known cavorting in the White House, well it just takes away from the Clinton name, and makes Hillary look like an enabler.

And still, the Clintons are much safer for us than Trump.


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