If only President Obama had used the bully pulpit; the totalitarian threat of Trump…

I know if you are a Donald Trump supporter you would not be stirred by President Barrack Obama’s speech Wednesday night at the Democratic Convention, but also you would not bother to read this because you probably don’t read or don’t read things you might disagree with.

But I was stirred by the speech. It sounded like the Democrats I once knew calling for a better society for everyone, not just those who consider themselves worthy of privilege by their race and religion, inheritance, and what they consider the true American culture.

Even though I get concerned at times about changes in society, I am not willing to go down the road to hate and fear so much embraced by Trump supporters and so much promoted by Trump himself.

But as stirred as I was by his speech, I had to wonder why Mr. Obama did not to seem to carry the spirit of his campaign speeches through to his work in the presidency. I was surprised that he did not go out and use the bully pulpit more to get the support of the people against the Republican obstructionism that has come to the fore under the pressure of the far right or wingnut right.

I have to say, though, Obama is one heck of an orator. At one of his high points or maybe the crescendo of his speech he declared that no one has ever been more capable to be president than Hillary Clinton, no one, “not me not Bill” …

And I think a main point Obama made against Trump is that the American people don’t want a dictator and would (hopefully) reject the cult of personality (Trump) used by totalitarian societies.

Some commentators were saying that they detected Obama trying to elicit support from more conventional Republicans. And I think that is crucial.

I know I don’t want any part of a Trump society, I just hope most people don’t.

Now I realize the line by Republicans or the anti-progressives or anti-liberals is that progressives and liberals want big government and government that runs our lives.

I guess there is always that danger, but from what I know from current events and history it is totalitarian, nationalistic societies that use a powerful government to stifle dissent and to enforce rules based on the accepted culture of only one part of society.


Totalitarianism, curiously, rears its ugly head in far right fascist-style governments and far left socialist or communist governments. They both use a strong man and cult of personality, usually displaying large photos of the anointed one and demanding allegiance to him. And don’t you see something akin to that in Trumpism?

I never thought I would see the day that someone so base, so vial, and so ignorant, could get so close to being president, and I’m not talking Hillary, I’m talking Donald Trump.

If he were to be elected I think I might feel like a Jewish person when the Nazis came into power and his formerly friendly neighbors turned on him.







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