We could learn something about democracy from our mother country…

Who knew? The United States of America was formed after breaking away from England with the intent of developing a new democracy. But after more than two centuries it seems maybe we could learn something from the modern Great Britain where its prime minister, its executive, has to face the legislative branch of government on a regular basis and through their parliamentary form of government cannot remain in power if he or she (she in this current case) cannot keep enough support in the parliament.

And often, instead of polarization between competing political parties, opposing sides are forced to work together to maintain the government and have any influence. Most of all I am impressed with how articulate the prime ministers are. Was impressed by the late Margaret Thatcher, and am impressed by that nation’s second female executive Theresa May.

Of course the United Kingdom or UK as it is sometimes called is not the only nation to have a parliamentary form of government, we are actually the oddity among democracies I think with our federal system. I am not at all sure that ours is not as good or better, but the parliamentary system does seem to have an advantage in that it keeps the executive in check and it seems to force cooperation among competing parties and allows for more than just two major parties in most cases.

But so far I am really impressed with this Theresa May, just from listening to her. I wished we had someone of her caliber running for office here. I will give Hillary Clinton credit for being articulate and being able to present a coherent argument. I do think, however, she often sounds like a lawyer (which she is) trying to make a case for a guilty party by picking and choosing facts and parsing sentences.

But then again, maybe all politicians find themselves having to do just that, at least from time to time.


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