What was Hillary thinking? Loose lips sink ships, had she not heard that one?

UPDATE: The New York Times has posted a more complete story about the latest revelation from the FBI about Hillary Clinton’s emails. While the original story I read seemed to discount that there was really anything new, the updated one points to something I don’t understand.  It seems to indicate that Mrs. Clinton sent emails involving discussion of future drone strikes. And since she was using an unsecure system and an unauthorized system, that to me seems like telegraphing war plans.

Loose lips sink ships, had she not heard?

And I thought Donald Trump was crazy (well he is, but Mrs. Clinton seems a about one brick short a load herself if this is true). It also seems she just blames everything on her aides. And the story indicates her aides did indeed destroy emails that were under subpoena or that she knew investigators wanted.

There’s even talk of using hammers to destroy electronic devices. Sounds desperate to cover up carelessness to me. And I mean you can keep investigators from finding things out, maybe, but what about enemies who already could have hacked into her unsecure private email system?

Please tell me I am misinterpreting all this.

Can’t under any circumstances vote for Trump but hard to vote for careless Hillary.

My original post follows:

I just listened to a CNN report on just-released FBI interview notes on the Hillary Clinton email case and then read a breaking news story on the New York Times site and while the Times story seemed to downplay (seemed to I say) it, as in not much new, the CNN report seemed to say it showed how ignorant (the FBI chief you recall said she was “careless”) in handling classified materials Mrs. Clinton was.

(Nixon had those damn tapes he confessed he should have burned, and Hillary I think tried but failed to get rid of some of the emails — they are forever preserved on hard drives and in cyber space perhaps.)

It is said that during the interviews Mrs. Clinton said she did not recall getting instructions on the use of classified material and it is said she simply depended upon advice or action from her aides in handling communications on her private server.

And one report said the CIA is particularly concerned over information on what is supposed to be a secret drone program getting out.

(Not much of a secret, except I guess what or who the next target is.)

So I don’t know on all this. And still I can’t seem to get clarity on whether any actual or legitimately classified or secret information got out.

It does seem that Mrs. Clinton was rather cavalier with the use of a private server and personal email to transact government business and to possibly trade classified information back and forth.

And on another subject the whole thing (true, false, borderline?) about Clinton’s pay-to-play thing while Secretary of State and the connections between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department and foreign entities, some of who are dangerous people, stinks to high heaven.

So, should we vote for the mad man Donald Trump over it all, just not vote or vote for a third party candidate, thus giving the election to Trump?

I don’t think so.


However I’ll bet a lot of people take option two and three — don’t vote or vote for a third-party candidate. That has the advantage of making a statement, and I don’t discount that, and the dangerous disadvantage of putting a terrible person in the White House.

p.s. p.s.

And this occurs to me: so Mrs. Clinton was careless and depended too much on aides in the email thing. Well it is said Trump never sweats details on anything, does not care for too much information, just goes on gut instinct and just shoots from the hip — that is not comforting to me for a president of the United States, although I imagine he would not be the first one who acted that way.

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