Why not count votes by hand to avoid hacking? Okay, computers it is, but we at least need cyber security and transparency, and the vote should not be over till it’s over…

A few posts ago I asked why it is we have to have instant election results. Back a couple of decades ago votes were counted by hand and it could take days, so? I mean the same people remain in office until their normal term is up and by that time surly the votes will be counted. And ballot measures to add or change laws can wait.

(didn’t get any answers then and don’t necessarily expect them now)

I still recall using a rubber stamp with a plus or minus, or maybe checking boxes with a pen.

Computers are great but there seems to be great concern about them malfunctioning, even changing your vote from what you meant it to be, and perhaps even more so now hacking. Just read about the concern that the Russians or anyone else might be able to change the course of an election.

I imagine the real danger is in a tight race. If the presidential race were real tight and down to the wire, it would not take much to swing it one way or the other and no one would notice.

But why must we have instant results and why can’t we count by hand? And of course counting by hand is not infallible and in fact logic might say that computers would be much more accurate — but they can be manipulated.

Actually, cyber security is the answer I am sure. And it seems to me we have to pay much more attention to the reliability of voting machines and there should be complete transparency as to the testing of them.

We need to assure the public as to the legitimacy of the voting system or we risk complete chaos. Already Donald Trump has hinted he’ll cry foul if he loses, saying it is all rigged.

Hopefully he will lose in such a landslide he’ll have a hard time explaining how that could have been rigged.

And one more thing. I sure wished we had uniform polling hours across our time zones and no reporting on results until the polls closed. I am sure that early reporting of projected winners affects elections. Until I began voting absentee all the presidential elections I had voted in had been unofficially called before I even voted.

It just seems the results should wait till the results are in.

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