Trump’s weak defense: Bill Clinton did it too; please just give it up and get out of our lives Donald…

Latest UPDATE: (SUNDAY, 10 -9-16):

Donad Trump’s defense of his video tape women assaulting outrage seems to be Bill Clinton did it too (or talked about it in private). Somehow to me that does not seem to be a defense at all. But then again, perhaps not everyone thinks as I do.

UPDATE: So fellow Republicans are outraged over the vulgar personal account by Donald Trump of sexual attacks on women. He’s running for president of the United States. Why does not the Republican Party dump him? Late in the game yes, but do they want him to drag their party and the country down with him? If they put Mike Pence on the top of the ticket (and ousted Trump), even at this late date, who knows? They might give Hillary Clinton a stiff challenge and save their dignity in the process. Some of the far right views (not as popular as they once were) of Pence would then be revealed, but as far as I can tell, the man is a pious Christian (although I don’t really know that). He would not embarrass the GOP and the nation and endanger the world, it would seem. And if Trump even had a speck of decency (which he likely does not) he would resign out of personal shame, if nothing else. If the GOP does not get rid of this guy then it has no credibility. Shame on the party of Lincoln!

It has seemed that Donald Trump could do and say anything and still survive and sometimes even thrive politically.

But after just hearing the audio from a video tape, recorded in 2005, where he is apparently a victim (a victim?) of an open mic, I wonder that if this does not finally sink the Donald what could? Sure the low lifes and bigots might still be on his side, but no one with any decency, regardless of their party affiliation or their desire to thwart Hillary, could possibly justify a vote for him.

He talks about being able to use his celebrity status to grope women, to in fact grab them right on the …., well crude slang word for a private part.

Most people, especially guys maybe when they were young (or not young), have said crude things to their buddies they would not want the wider public to hear, but when you are in public life you really need to be careful to watch what you say — or course no one should ever say or think what he said.

But unless we have altogether dropped any standard of decency in public life in the people we choose for leaders, then this should be the final nail in Trump’s political coffin. I mean he’s been pounding those nails himself lately without any help from the opposition. Study for a debate? Who needs to do homework? Insult people? Yeah it just makes me famous. I’m a celebrity. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

But really is this latest episode not enough? If not, well, what more could I say?

I mean don’t women make up the bulk of voters? What woman would want to vote for Trump?

I can’t even figure out what man would want to vote for him?

Now since originally posting the above I thought about how Bill Clinton purportedly groped women when he was president, and I thought maybe Trump might bring that up as if it were some kind of defense. And sure enough I heard a report that Trump is now saying in response to the release of this video that Mr. Clinton said things just as bad when they played golf together.

Also one commentator brought up the earlier comment by Trump that a lot of the disparaging remarks he made about women were no more than playing a character in the entertainment world … like not real life. Well, the comments in this latest tape were made on a bus to some other guys, not in public. Trump has said it was just locker room talk. Well fine. But he said what he said and people can judge for themselves I guess. I admit. I made my judgment a long time ago and this does not change it.



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