Maybe some logic to Trump stance on contesting election but he is playing a mean-spirited and dangerous game…

I only caught part of the final Clinton-Trump debate and did not immediately realize the full import of his statement at the end that he would not necessarily accept the final outcome of the election. I mean I took it to mean that if he wins of course he would accept it and if he loses he might not. That is just Trump nonsense. I am immune to that by now. He used the line “I’m going to keep you in suspense”, as if this was just some unreal reality show on TV like he is so used to.

Also, I have to admit, maybe asking someone if they will accept the result in advance, not knowing what kind of shenanigans might take place — ballot box stuffing, dead people voting, various polling place dirty tricks, intimidation at the polling places, and so on, is a bit unfair. Oh, I forgot, hanging chads. If there were some clear evidence the election was “rigged” or stolen or subject to widespread fraud, then of course he or anyone else would have the right to contest it.

But even Richard Nixon who wanted to be president so bad in 1960 but who was beat out by JFK by a razor-thin margin and the possibility that there was vote tampering in Chicago by the Daley Machine, did not contest the election results, reportedly for the good of the nation. I mean there was no immediate conclusive evidence and he did not want to call our voting system into question and thus destabilize our democracy.

On the other hand Al Gore rightly contested his defeat after winning the popular vote but failing to win the electoral college over a snafu of hanging chads from voting machines in Florida. Of course anytime a candidate cannot win his home state, as was the case with Gore, it would seem he might be in trouble.

And these days it is told as truth, not just suspicion, that LBJ won his first election to the U.S. Senate in 1948 by ballot box stuffing but went on to be President of the United States.

Trump would have a right to contest the election of Hillary Clinton if there were actual verifiable evidence but right now he is just playing a game as he has all along.

And it is sad and dangerous to our nation.

I try to be an open-minded person but I would have a hard time understanding anyone who by now actively supports or would vote for Trump. I get the not liking Hillary — and I feel bad writing that. I mean I don’t know why she sometimes seems so unlikable. Maybe it is her transparency in being, well not transparent.

But she does spout good intentions.

Trump just spouts hate and vitriol and nonsense — and every once in a while hits on some form of truth, but that is almost by accident.


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