Finally the press has stood up to Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now on the losing trajectory because the press has awoken from a deep sleep and shown that the would be emperor has no  clothes.

He is and always was a lot of bluster with no substance whatsoever.

And it is a fallacy that someone who has supposedly earned a lot of money must be a great leader.

I read a quote in the foreign press that one American newspaper editor said they had a hard time covering Trump because they could not simply write what he says is false — even when it is false. You know then they are accused of being the “media” siding with the liberals.

But I say when you see something (false) say something. Say it is false, even in straight news stories.

But looking for readership and looking for viewers, the so-called “liberal media” just could not get enough of the insane Trump and his Trumpism.

But finally I guess someone decided to expose him. That tape of him saying how he likes to grab women by their private parts I guess started the ball rolling.

Someone has to have principles. Politicians or at least most don’t. Much of the so-called Republican Party establishment does not they have shown by their cowardly action of waffling on whether to support Trump or actually supporting him and making excuses for his outrages, such as boys will be boys.

Is Hillary Clinton clean? Well not so much maybe. The exposed emails show she is a pragmatist who is willing to switch positions for her convenience but that is par for the course in politics. I have yet to see evidence of her abandoning all moral principles of civilized behavior as Trump does. The closest I have seen or heard word of was maybe her actions in the past in defense of her husband’s bimbo eruptions.

But whatever you might think of her politics, you have to remember that she would only be the president, one element in the three branches of government, with its checks and  balances, and she has never given any indication that she would ignore the laws that govern this.

On the other hand Trump has. He has said or implies he would simply make things happen, regardless of the law.

What this presidential election cycle has exposed is that there is a lawless and ignorant contingent in our society that would threaten our democracy by supporting a dictatorship. Oh, they would claim Mrs. Clinton would be a dictator and take their guns away. I don’t think so. Yes, she would support stricter gun control but the congress and even the supreme court would be a check on that. And of course she would support a more liberal social policy than her opponents would like, but likewise there is a check on that.

This cycle the Republican Party screwed up by falling down and playing dead in the face of a demagogue. The GOP establishment should kick itself. If only it had put up a civilized and reasonable candidate it might well have retaken the White House. I mean large numbers of Clinton supporters can’t stand her.

They might well have voted for Jeb Bush or John Kasich. Maybe I should blame those two gentlemen for not fighting harder and more firmly standing up to Trump. If you can’t stand up to a demagogue, you don’t seem like a leader.

Now the GOP’s best hope is to make Hillary a one termer.

But who knows? America might even grow to like her. Okay, maybe that is a reach.



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