We need to repair our political system and re-industrialize and forget the ‘service economy’

I hope once the Nov. 8 election results are in the craziness is over and we can start anew.

This election cycle has made me wonder if the masses of asses, those who revel in their own ignorance, those who never paid attention before but now that they have had a demagogue stir the fires of hatred fueled by ignorance and their interest has been piqued, will destroy our democracy and civilized society.

I mean a presidential candidate threatening to jail his opponent if he wins and crowds chanting “lock her up!”

Is this some banana Republic? Is this Brazil?

And I call this willful ignorance. Those who unquestioningly support Donald Trump, no matter that he has bragged about attacking women (even if he was joking it was terrible and below anyone who should be considered fit to hold a responsible position), that he cheated on his taxes (yes, I think he did not just take advantage of loopholes; he cheated), or that he knows little about public affairs, domestic or international, that he files frivolous lawsuits against people who cannot afford to defend themselves, and that he actually never presents a coherent message, just jumbled bursts of unsupported or even outright false accusations, that he plays races against each other, well they don’t care. Before they got all fired up about Trump being their man, they thought it was cute to say that they knew nothing of politics or current events or even history. And now that they have a gripe because they feel they are losing out in the modern economic structure, suddenly they are interested. Where were they before? Fat, dumb, and happy.

And now of course I have engaged in a form of vitriol and intolerance for an opposing view, but I cannot see the rationale for supporting Trump. I cannot see how any sane, thinking person could possibly support Trump. He is different than your usual contender, but that does not make him better. He is out of place in civilized society. But then again, there is a break down in civilization as we have known it no doubt.

All this does not mean that we voters were presented with much of a choice. For whatever reason even though polls would indicate Hillary Clinton is as disliked as much as or even more so than Trump, she is who her party put up.

Never mind what the truth of Hillary is, one has to wonder how she beats out all other potential Democratic Party candidates.

And one must wonder how Trump beat out those in the Republican Party.

The political elites have failed to pay attention to ordinary people, many of whom shun politics, that I think is one major cause of this most peculiar situation of two widely unliked candidates facing each other  to be president of the United States.

And I have heard people who claim that they at one time were interested in politics and supporting candidates but were disillusioned to find that they always get the same old, same old.

But maybe after Nov. 8 we can start rebuilding our democracy and our nation. And folks, you really have to pay attention and not just listen to or hear what you want to hear. Be objective. See the other side. Then make up your own mind. If you don’t, you deserve what you get.

And politicians need to heed the people in general, not just the big money donors. The fact that we have professional politicians is problematic I think. Political office should perhaps be seen as something people do for a limited time as public service. If political office holders did not depend upon retaining their career in office they would not be beholding to special interests. The counter argument is that then the entrenched bureaucracy would take over. But there has to be a balance somewhere. Again, the citizenry has to sacrifice some of its fun time to stay involved or, well, what we have now is the result.

No matter who wins, we need to re-industrialize and put people back to work, even though automation has eaten into the potential of that.

That last part seems disconnected from the rest of my post, but not really. I am a big fan of producing things, not gimmicks.

We all need to have a purpose and a sense of self worth.

We all don’t do factory work or we all don’t work out in the fields, but we all should be supporting an economy based on that.

The “service economy” has turned out only to service those at the top.


And why is it cool to be ignorant?



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