Clinton may win because voters decide to take the safe route…

Note: Not sure I’ll have time to post anything more before Tuesday’s presidential election, and maybe not even then right away, what with my work schedule. So just some thoughts before what seems to be the most monumental election in my 67 years:

Just saw a video story about how Donald Trump could still win — he just has a harder road than Hillary Clinton. While both candidates have predictable Democratic and Republican states they can nearly count on for electoral votes, Hillary has a higher total built in. Trump has to really go after so-called swing states and cannot afford to lose any supposed Republican states.

I’m thinking if ever a race depended upon turnout, this is it.

One has to remember, and to the casual observer it is easy to forget, that it is not the popular vote (or the total vote) that counts but the electoral college vote, which is winner take all in each state.

(And might this go to congress because neither candidate gets enough electoral votes? Then Trump wins I guess — it’s all about turnout folks).

I still would not be surprised to see a decisive Clinton win — maybe even a landslide in her favor. But I am no good about predicting presidential elections.

Just read a column from a major news outlet (or maybe more than one) that suggests Trump is essentially playing a character, that he is not nearly as outrageous or unmannerly in real life or at least has not been in the past. But he craves attention and his bizarre antics give him that.

I don’t quite buy that. But what I do see is someone who is woefully unprepared to govern and who is ignorant of world affairs, and perhaps even domestic affairs. Oh, he can cite problems, but who couldn’t. But is there really any substance there? What exactly does he think he is going to do?

And then we have Mrs. Clinton who has experience in politics and government and who is fairly predictable, and that, ironically, gives a lot of people pause.

Even if the more outrageous actions of Trump are an act, it seems to me someone willing to act the way he does while running for the president of the United States is unqualified based on nothing more than how he has acted.

If I just did not agree with his politics it would not bother me so much. But I am not really sure if he has any political ideology. He seems more of a bully and show-off than anything else.

He seems irrational at times. It’s bad enough to have someone ignorant of world affairs and gullible in the face of those with an agenda for war, such as George W. Bush, but even he did not come across as irrational — ready to simply push the button on a whim.

Hillary appears much safer. And she would only be president. We do have the separation of powers.

Trump has darkly hinted that he might ignore the law in order to fight the terrorists and to make America great again (even though he threatened to jail Hillary over the email scandal if he was elected, based on his contention that she broke the law).

The political liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has identified why Trump seems to appeal to white working class voters. He admits Trump has zeroed in on their plight and their fears. In fact, Moore has done such a good job at it that the Trump campaign is featuring part of a Moore documentary. But they, Moore said, left out the part that he thinks they will be happy if Trump is elected for maybe about a day (I think that is how he put it) and then they will find he has nothing for them.

For my part I am not sure what Trump thinks he could do for them. On the other hand I’m all for putting the plight of our own citizens first in our world trade dealings and economics in general and domestic politics.

While Trump is quick to criticize companies for shipping jobs overseas, he himself, it has been pointed out, has taken advantage of foreign labor. But I suppose he would just say he did what he did as a businessman but if he were president he would help change our economic policies.

Even though Mrs. Clinton has jumped on the anti-trade deal bandwagon, it was her and her husband who were on the free trade bandwagon in the past.

Nonetheless, Trump by his very demeanor and unpredictability and irrational and offensive behavior and lack of knowledge of world affairs and government in general, seems an unsafe and unwise and even unconscionable choice for president.

My hunch is a lot of Republicans are going to go with what is safe or at least what seems safe.





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