North Korea able to attack us by 2020, that’s scarier than Trump…

Note: And so I’ve managed to get a post in before the election after all:

What scares me more than Donald Trump becoming president is North Korea being able to lob a nuclear missile at the United States possibly by the year 2020, and that would be the fourth year of a Trump presidency (or if it had to be, we could only hope the fourth year of someone more level-headed in a crisis).

You realize I don’t really think Trump will become president; I’m just saying what if?

My inspiration for writing this is right out of an article in The Atlantic magazine I just read online, from which I snatched the thought of a crisis in Trump’s fourth year in the White House.

You see with a nuclear threat we need someone who is not irrational or knee jerk or hot-headed. We need someone cool in a crisis.

I did not know that North Korea was that close, but the article says that’s what many top experts think.

My question is: how did we let that happen?

While I often wished the U.S. had neither developed the nuclear bomb nor used it (and we are the only ones who ever have) I also know that had we not someone else would have and then where would we be? Nazi Germany was oh so close I have read.

The article mentioned how we need someone willing to take the advice of others (Trump is not good at that) and someone cool in a crisis and someone who can sort things out, look at the options, and then decide — not shoot from the hip.

The analogy given in the article I think was how JFK handled the Cuban Missile crisis. Of course if a missile has already been fired at us I’m not sure how much time there is for deliberation, but still if we could help from blowing up the whole world that would be preferable.

But anyway, the article mentioned how Kennedy neither wilted in the face of the Soviets who had installed missile sites in Cuba, a mere 90 miles from the continental U.S., nor took the advice of the super hawks and essentially started WWIII. He came up with a third option. And I will add here that Kennedy did indeed demand the Soviets remove the missiles but at the same time agreed that we would dismantle some missile sites in Turkey, close to the Soviet border. That allowed the Soviets to save face and as I understand it those sites we removed had become outdated.

But Trump knows nothing about foreign policy or defense and never acts like he wants to know real facts and is famous for ignoring advice even from his own paid campaign people. And I actually think if he had been cooler about things and taken advice he might have beat Hillary (I’m assuming on this eve before the election he is not going to win — but of course how do I know?).

Trump has even suggested Japan and South Korea ought to get their own nukes and duke it out with North Korea. Hell, just let everyone in the world have nukes, why not?

I personally think we should have moved stronger against Iran in this regard, but at least we have some sort of deal for now. It’s a heavy burden the U.S. has of not letting any more nations into the nuclear club beyond the ones already in it, but for the survival of the world we must bear this burden.

Trump has already stated he would not mind seeing nuclear proliferation — the more the merrier?

In a crisis Trump would likely want to show what a man he is.

That’s what I am afraid of.


We can’t afford to let that nut case Kim Jong-Un in North Korea get his hands on nuclear weapons that can reach the U.S. and we don’t need some scatterbrained who supports nuclear proliferation.





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