Hillary’s loss in part because she prostituted to Wall Street…

Note: I updated my language from if Trump wins to he won now that we are into the day after, Nov. 9. When I went to bed it looked bad for Hillary Clinton. In the wee hours of the morning of the day after it looks bad for our country — I hope I am wrong again.

As I said before I am no good at forecasting elections.

But even though I was aghast that Donald Trump could even be a candidate much less win, I almost see some hope in all of this (but I feel fear too).

It seems that maybe a group called the “white working class” or “white working class non-college educated voters” have found their voice and found out that maybe if they would just get out and vote they could make a change, a change at least in the characters — whether that translates into policies that will help them or be to their liking I don’t know.

It may mean that finally the Republican Party will realize that it is not just what is good for business that makes our country great but what is good for hard-working people, some of whom are in business for themselves (small businesses).

Hillary Clinton lost in part, I think, because she made the mistake of cozying up to Wall Street to get their speech money, which they were only too glad to hand over because they figured she would be the next president. She prostituted her ideals to the fat cats.

And then don’t under-estimate the fear and downright hatred for strong women.

It takes a special breed of woman to be smart and strong and be a leader. She has to be feminine but not the kind of feminine that just defers to men. But she has to be clever. Much harder for a woman. A man just has to assert his leadership and be kind of macho or maybe just appear to be astute. But a woman has to be a woman but somehow show she knows what is what and can’t be fooled or intimidated, but be feminine at the same time.

My male advice to Hillary is that she should have worn dresses. You can wear a dress and be a leader.

Hillary also lost due to something I guess we just call Hillary hatred. I have heard it from both men and women. I don’t claim to understand it — bad chemistry?

My hope is now that Trump has apparently won maybe even he, privately, will realize he is limited, and defer to others and act more as a figurehead, a kind of head of state. I know that sounds strange. But he could reassure those people who fear they are ignored by modern society and meanwhile let more able people do the heavy lifting. But he would be there to make sure that they do things that would indeed benefit Joe and Jill six-pack who may have a hard time affording to buy a six-pack these days, or who have resorted to spending money they don’t have on hillbilly heroin.

And if he could really bring back jobs from Mexico and China, I say more power to him.

Maybe with victory he will become more civil.

And all that so-called locker room talk he engaged in (we heard it on the tapes), if he could just keep that stuff private and talk nice in public, that would help. We need better examples. The tone of public discourse in our society has become too rough and it does not do us well.

And one last thought: tell me it ain’t so!


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