Talk about menacing clowns, we now have one as president-elect…

I may never be able to believe or respect talking heads again. And I always have listened to them. I did not always agree with them or depend upon them for what I think but I admired them. That’s why I majored in political science in college. I am of course talking about mainstream establishment talking heads, many of them labeled as liberal, whether they were or not (and what is liberal?). I’m not talking about the alt right, so-called conservative talk show hosts. I only listened to them out of boredom or because they were the only thing on the radio or because I wanted to get my blood boiling (even though in certain cases I agreed with them — I am open-minded after all).

But wow did the mainstream get it totally wrong on this one.

Right up till the votes started coming in it was thought the Republican Party was dead by putting up a dangerous, menacing  clown for president.

Now the talk is of rebuilding the Democratic Party.

For years people have advised those who moan about the problems of politics to get out and vote. Whoops, they did. And maybe some of those who did before and thought their work was done, didn’t.

Also, I think a lot of us tend to forget it is not the total vote, the popular vote, that wins the presidency, it is the electoral college, a sort of anachronism from the 18th Century when our founding fathers wanted to preserve the power of the smaller population states and when Southerners managed to ensure their power by counting their human chattel, their slaves (black people in chains, physical and otherwise) as 3/5 of a person each (yeah it is still in the Constitution, although no longer operable– we freed the slaves).

Hillary Clinton apparently won the popular vote (not all counted yet?) but she lost the presidency to that menacing clown Donald Trump.

I am of mixed emotions to say the least. I was shocked Tuesday night, then I was hopeful with the gracious victory and concession speeches, but today, the day after the day after, I am wary and fearful for my country.

I feel the forces of ignorance and evil, the mob, has taken over.

I was certainly not enamored of Mrs. Clinton (or the Clintons — in fact I can’t stand Bill. I thought he brought shame on the presidency with his cavorting on the job in the oval office. You know if he was not so busy getting serviced by Monica Lewinsky he might have gotten Osama Bin Laden before he did his damage).

As I said in my previous post, Hillary maybe was too busy buttering up to Wall Street, the sources of her wealth, at the expense of the average working person. Is that true? Perception is everything. And for some reason she did not connect, even with so many who actually voted for her, so you could imagine she could not connect with the swing voters who could have put her over the top.

Trump in a fit of either racism, demagoguery, or hyperbole seemed to label all Mexicans as criminals and racists (surely he meant that too many bad people were slipping in over the border with good people — didn’t he?). But he won anyway. But Hillary got carried away and was understood to say those who supported Trump were deplorable. Indeed many are, as is Trump. But what you want to do is convince people to vote for you. Calling them deplorable does not work. And of course they are not all deplorable — misguided maybe.

And I felt embarrassed when the illiterate awkward-speaking George W. Bush was president. But I still saw him as decent.

Trump. I have nothing good to say about him and I really feel really embarrassed for my country now.

Maybe he will defer to Mike Pence for the major decisions. I know little of Pence but from what I have seen and heard he is not nearly as scary as the dangerous clown Trump.



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