Much to be thankful for — Happy Thanksgiving!


By the time anyone reads this they will have probably already ate their Thanksgiving dinner and maybe it will be just a memory — a good one I hope.

And then again, I know that there are those who cannot afford a Thanksgiving dinner. But I am always hearing about the dinners that are put on for them, so I hope that anyone in that category is able to take part in that.

My late wife once or twice helped served dinners for the underprivileged as I guess we call them. Good for her. And My sister I know has done some volunteer work in that regard. Good for her.

What have I done? Well, I have paid my taxes and I do not begrudge some of that money going to the less fortunate.

You see, I was not born rich, and I have not reached great heights (at least in the sense of dollars) in my work as an adult. But nonetheless I have much to be thankful for. I won’t go on about that.

All I really wanted to say is Happy Thanksgiving to all!

And thanks to anyone who has bothered to read my blog.




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