What can we possibly do about atrocities in Syria?

Can I just ask something? What are we to do about the reported atrocities in Aleppo, Syria, where the government has taken over the city and it is said that its forces are wantonly shooting civilians?

As horrific as that sounds or is, such things have taken place in other areas of the world, such as in the various regions of Africa. I mean the United States can’t just go in there and save people can it? We would have to have an invading army and then we would just get bogged down in that and be accused of imperialism and no doubt civilians would be killed in the process (nearly always unavoidable in such situations). And the very people we might save would later no doubt rise up against us. And why is it the responsibility of our soldiers to fight the bad guys in other parts of the world? What is the responsibility of the people themselves in that part of the world? I realize there are rebel forces in Syria fighting the murderous Assad regime, but they are splintered into different groups and some of them are aligned with so-called Islamic extremists (such as our arch enemies ISIS and Al Qaeda).

And where is the UN in all of this? And really, what good is the UN? And would we really want one-world government (no)?

The Middle East is stuck in the dark ages of tribalism and is suffering from it. But only those who live there can fix it I would think.

On the other hand, the Western powers have a right and responsibility to protect their own interests, and the unrest in the region continually threatens our interests.

What goes on there is our business if for no other reason than all the unrest has resulted in a wave of humanity, refugees, that has invaded the West in its flight from terror and hunger and is taxing the resources of the host countries and threatening social institutions and culture of the West as well.

Do we have to go back to the old system of taking over these lands and ruling them as, say, protectorates because they cannot take care of themselves?

I don’t have an answer for this. And it is hard to bear the thought of the hardships and the sheer terror people face in places such as Aleppo.


And then after writing all of this I read on the CNN site:

Before they go to kindergarten, children in Chicago learn to hit the floor at the sound of gunfire.

One child age 16 or younger is murdered in the city every week on average. This has been happening for more than a quarter century, police records show. Neither homes nor streets are safe. Those are the first and second most likely places to get murdered in Chicago since 2001.

….. I say we must address the safety of our own.

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