Nothing will touch Trump, not even Russian sex tapes, until it all goes sour and his apologists turn on him…

About the latest that the Russians have compromising material (including I guess video tapes?) on President-elect Donald Trump (and yes, this could be a fake news story):

So here’s the deal. Even if the Russians have supposedly damning tapes of Donald Trump doing ugly, sexually perverted things — this has been implied but as I mentioned could or well may be nothing but a hoax — how could it possibly hurt him? How would he be susceptible to blackmail?

(I’m just asking)

I mean any other candidate in modern history would have been dead meat after the famous video and audio of Trump making his sexual grabbing remarks and bragging about how he supposedly used his celebrity to make unwanted advances on women in the most disgusting way and yet it only seemed to boost or at least not hurt his candidacy. Even people who professed to be dismayed at his behavior made excuses for him or just said they were willing to overlook it because they wanted him to be president and not Hillary Clinton. And he is soon to officially be president.

Trump during the campaign famously declared that he could shoot someone on New York’s Fifth Avenue and it would not hurt him (presumably it would not have been good for the victim). We are told by his people now not to listen to what he says, or posts on Twitter, but await his real actions in office. Never mind that in the real world words are supposed to have meaning. We have kind of moved beyond reality into some strange twilight zone with his election I fear.

One opinion writer wrote that Trump is “gaslighting” America. For example, he claims he won the election by a landslide, when in fact (if facts even matter anymore) he lost the popular vote by a wide margin and only won due to the peculiarity of our system, which goes by the Electoral College vote rather than the majority vote of the populace as a whole. Even worse, he denies he mocked a disabled New York Times reporter. Well I have seen (along with millions of Americans) the video more than once. With arms flailing and a mocking stuttering voice you can see and hear Trump’s undignified and cruel behavior. Of course it probably appealed to people who love to disparage professional journalists because in their frame of mind those who write about current events should only present nice things about those whom they support. That is not to say that reporting is always fair and without bias. One has an obligation to consider things by the totality of evidence. But to close one’s eyes to an inconvenient truth is shameful and dangerous. Proof of that: Donald Trump.

Oh, sorry, I got off track here. Yes, I was not familiar with the term “gaslighting”, what opinion writers Lauren Duca and Frida Ghitis, among others I imagine, suggested Mr. Trump is doing to America (see links at the bottom of this post). An explanatory excerpt from an article on the CNN site:

“The term comes from the 1930s play ‘Gas Light’ and the 1940s Hollywood movie version (Gaslight) in which a manipulative husband tries to unmoor his wife, played by Ingrid Bergman, by tampering with her perception of reality. He dims the gaslights and then pretends it’s only she who thinks they are flickering as the rooms grow darker.
That’s only the beginning. He uses a variety of truth-blurring techniques…”

We have faced this phenomenon before in presidential politics.

Ronald Regan was called the “Teflon President” because nothing (bad) seem to stick to him. Of course Trump is no Reagan.

Bill Clinton did not do such a bad job of getting people to overlook his faults either.

If people like or support you, it’s pretty hard for anyone to make anything negative stick to you.

And that may be the key here.

If enough people feel good about things, Trump will just be Trump and go about his merry Tweeting, manipulative way. If things go sour, even his apologists will become enraged with his behavior.


I give you links to two articles about Trump’s gaslighting:

And while you are at it, you ought to read this article about how the world has reached a tipping point concerning cyberspace:




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