Trump displays the II Duce fist bump…


So just as I suspected our new president Donald Trump is imitating the fascist gesture of Benito Mussolini.

While II Duce or his estate (if there is any) does not have a copyright on that and that alone would not make Trump a fascist, it is just one of many traits of his we have all noticed that seems to match the nationalist and xenophobic tendencies of the fascists and Nazis of the World War II era, when western democracy was under siege from extreme right-wing forces who played on the misery and fears of people living through the extreme hardships and hopelessness of the world-wide depression. While Germans were suffering for the sins of their fathers and the war reparations the western allies were forcing them to pay back for the cost of the Great War, Mussolini in Italy infused the downtrodden masses with the dream of bringing back the glory of Rome and foreign colonies.

There is nothing wrong with pride in your own country except when it goes too far and causes people to turn on their own neighbors and conflict between nations and tramples on the rights of other Peoples of the world.

Some people perhaps see the only hope in a strong leader who talks tough and stirs their soul — right up until it all ends in catastrophe.

And woe to the dictator who disappoints the people.





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