Trump may have awakened a heretofore silent majority — against him…

Not only is President Donald Trump scary. He is creepy. There is something particularly eerie and diabolically sinister about the way he talks sometimes (well all the time?). I watched a few minutes of his address to CIA officials and he was projecting or setting an ominous tone. He was saying that he knew that most of the people present voted for him (I’m not sure whether he was being sarcastic) and then he allowed as he was not going to actually put anyone on the spot about it.

While Trump is accusing journalists of misrepresenting his back and forth with the U.S. intelligence community as a conflict with him bashing intel folks, the evidence is in the video tape and Trump’s own Twitter tweets for all the world to see. He is a strange person who can lie to your face even as evidence to the contrary is plain for all to see and so widely disseminated.

The shot I saw just showed Trump and not the assembled intel officials, but I have to think with the known bad blood between them and Trump there had to be some nervous folks out there. Trump had that silly half smile and half scowl on his face. It sent chills through me. It reminded me of Saddam Hussein speaking before a room full of government people in Baghdad and then naming names, as people were hauled out of the room one by one — one man wiping sweat from his face (that was on video).

But maybe the most creepy thing of all is his constant self-promotion about how great he is. He told some strange story about people questioning his intellect and then Trump said something to the effect — I’ll tell you I’m a real smart guy (I was not taking notes, but you can no doubt catch it on CNN — his visit to the CIA).

It is hard to know why Trump is so all-fired eager to dismantle Obamacare — yes I know it is an issue pushed by the Republicans, who on the one hand may have legitimate concerns but who I suspect are mostly jealous that they could not figure something out on health care before Barack Obama did. Trump has already won the presidency. He could let congress fix Obamacare’s shortcomings, something that was going to have to be done anyway no matter who won.

(But no, it is more important to trash Obamacare as a symbolic act for the new leader and political tactic for Republicans and who cares about all those who have their health put in jeopardy by the un-needed upheaval in health coverage?)

And it is hard for me to know why so many people admit being a tad concerned about Trump’s super bad manners and his strange and threatening demeanor but cautiously support him anyway because he “tells it like it is” or says things they claim they cannot say. And what would that be? racial epithets that have gone out of style (or so we thought), to heck with poor people it’s their own fault but help me because I overcharged my credit card and bought a house that was too expensive and then mortgaged it to the hilt, or if you don’t follow my religion you are evil? I mean last time I checked we are free to say what we want (with a few exceptions such as crying fire in a theater). Yes I know about “political correctness” and people can get carried away with going out of their way to not offend people — but sometimes you just have to swallow hard and figure what you believe in and why you do and have the guts to speak your mind but at the same time have the common courtesy and common sense to not needlessly hurt people’s feelings for no positive purpose. But at the same time silent prejudice and discrimination practiced by one group over another in society is just as dangerous as open bigotry if not more so — at least when someone publically states he or she is a racist you know where the threat is coming from.

As I write this I know there are protests against Trump around the nation (and world). But to be effective they have to be kept up (and I would say non-violent/no property damage) and that is hard to sustain — witness the flash-in-the-pan life of Occupy Wall Street.

The current protests seem to be centered around the rights of women but also expanded to the rights of both sexes and of minorities and immigrants and so on. That is a much larger force than the so-called millennials of the Occupy thing. And again it is not tied to just one group or cause, except perhaps a more liberal populist cause.

Added to that protest must be the longer-range program of political organization. Theoretically, with such a wide margin of the voters having voted against Trump it would seem organization against him would not be so difficult.

Maybe much of the anti-Trump forces or potential forces have been a new silent majority. Maybe time to speak up.


When I began this blog eight or more years ago, and since, I have identified myself as “middle of the road” in politics. With this latest turn of events it is difficult to find middle ground, although in normal times I think that is where most Americans stand — these just don’t appear to be normal times. But I am still uncomfortable with the radical left and the reactionary right, except I don’t know whether those two designations adequately describe politics just now.


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