North Korea missile launch toward Japan and Trump instability poses threat…

It’s amazing what can happen when you are out of touch with the news over the course of a working day. I’m a truck driver and my AM/FM radio reception is lousy — oh the religious stations come in powerfully all the time (God has power!) and on the weekend I am forever hearing those infomercials (advertising propaganda masquerading as objective information) about vitamins and real estate.

But it was not until late last night that I got on my tablet before hitting the sack that I saw that North Korea had lobbed a missile toward Japan — falling short/ just practice I guess.

CNN was playing it up, the New York Times, not so much. But it did seem to me to be the first real test for President Trump international incident wise.

North Korea has a nuclear program and keeps perfecting its missiles, even though we are told they cannot yet reach our soil at this time.

This missile test came as Trump was meeting with the prime minister of Japan who is visiting the U.S.

So far, as of this writing, no direct response from the president except that he promised the U.S. would back Japan.

Seems serious to me. And it points up how precarious things are. If things should escalate we have to be aware that while that leader in North Korea is bananas, our own leader’s mental state is in question, as his erratic and irrational behavior and his living in a different reality, truth-wise, points out.

We are in the most dangerous times since the Cuban Missile Crisis of the Cold War era, no doubt.


Some say that if Trump is crazy, he is crazy like a fox, in other words there is a method to his madness. He did get elected president despite what seemed overwhelming odds against it. But we know that he does not mind telling outright lies, or making statements that have no factual basis (more so than the average politician) which does not make him crazy, but it does make him dangerous. And we know that his behavior when compared to acceptable norms is to say the least erratic. Can we afford to have him with his finger on the nuclear button? The big-time bookmakers are giving good odds that he will be impeached or resign or otherwise be removed from office. I think that would be a good thing and the sooner the better.



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