Maybe Republicans will rebel against Trump…

It appears now that Sen. John McCain has retained his office he has come out against President Donald Trump and his policies.

This is interesting. It may take the Republicans themselves to remove the would-be dictator.

Maybe one day McCain will lead a delegation to the White House or Mar-a-Lago  and suggest Trump resign or be impeached.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party just thrashes around.

I sometimes think the Democratic Party turned its back on working people and is now paying the price. But in some cases it may be the working people turned their backs on the Democratic Party.

You see the party has always been a coalition of disparate groups, one of which was working people, often represented by trade unions. But as the unions made their members more prosperous many of their members turned their backs on the Democratic Party and went Republican and in many cases left the unions too (once they got what they wanted, why pay the dues?). And maybe nowadays a lot of people consider themselves independent.

Also, when it comes to Washington politics and I suppose even state politics, office holders are stuck in a cycle of raising money for campaigns to hold onto their jobs. And special interest groups are there with the cash — ordinary people often not as much.

I suppose Barack Obama raised a lot of small donations, as well as Bernie Sanders. But by and large, the way the game is played is big money throws its weight around in politics.

Admittedly this post is just off the top of my head. It’s the middle of the night and I could not sleep. Been working a lot and am somewhat behind on the news.

I did hear the Trump press conference the other day. Through sometimes sloppy reporting and pack journalism (everyone wants to be on the same page) it may be the mainstream press or media has made itself vulnerable to criticism. But a free press is not the enemy. Ignorance and lies are the enemy.

I do wish journalism (it was once called that instead of what I think has become a pejorative term “media”) would return to the principle I was taught so many years ago that news should be reported straight and opinion should be in clearly-marked opinion pieces, and even those opinion pieces ought to be based on facts. I know, whose facts?

It is hard to determine whether Trump is just ignorant sometimes or whether he actually just sets out to tell a big whopper. I mean when he claimed to have a record vote and then was caught immediately on the inaccuracy by a reporter, he just said, well, that was what he was told. So like he is too addled to even look it up on Wikipedia? And then he, I must say, somewhat got himself off the hook by asking the reporter if he really did have a big victory nonetheless. The reporter answered: “you are the president”.

(I think that reporter got caught in the trap of inadvertently saving Trump because he wanted to do his job and be agressive and speak truth to power and all but not be simply dismissed by the big man, lest he never get a chance to ask a question again.)

Personally I think Trump either needs to be impeached or otherwise forced from office or at the least needs to be kept in check.

And it may well be that the Republican Party will be our saviors, but maybe the Democratic Party will find new life in the process.

How about a Republican Party that was generally conservative (as opposed to reactionary) and represented Main Street over Wall Street and free enterprise in general and a Democratic Party that returned to the people?

And how about a mainstream press that was aggressive both in pointing out the faults or dangers posed by our public figures but were also aggressive on their own fact checking and who could write or tell a story without it being nothing but a sermon or subjective piece short on evidence?


The “media” (I have to use the term) does supply fact-check articles (although one sometimes wonders who checks the checkers) to its credit. But one fasle or sloppily-reported story can do a lot of damage to credibility — and that is what coniving politicians and others with ill will count on.





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