Just how does Trump have power when we know that the emperor has no clothes?

I guess in President Donald Trump’s world negotiations, business, and now political, are a lot like poker, where the bluff is often the key.

But how often can a bluff work? Let’s see if I can best George W. Bush and get this one right — fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

We know that Trump tells bold face lies, even with the truth staring him and his audiences in the face. We know he plays the game of intimidation but is ready to turn course at any moment.

We know that he just says things to stir people up and create misdirection.

We also know that he is fairly ignorant of the greater world beyond his real estate kingdom and his little bubble of a universe where daddy started him off with a million dollars.

Despite his denials and his claim that his administration is working like a well-oiled machine, it appears the truth is that things are in disarray. Running the world’s superpower is not like running your own real estate investment firm or reality TV show.

Why do we (and I don’t mean me or you specifically but the world in general) put up with him? We know he is a phony. We know he is like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz or the emperor who wore no clothes but thought he was finely dressed but no one dared tell him — he was the emperor.

And why has much of the main-stream Republican establishment abandoned any principles and sense of decorum and even many of their own political positions and succumbed to Trump? Well for one thing, he won the presidency and they at least hope they can gain much from that, such as lowering taxes on the upper classes, gutting social programs, including health care, and rescinding all those pesky environmental regulations which they conveniently claim are based on what they call the climate change hoax.

I think on that last, all intelligent people, even Republicans, know something dangerous is going on with our climate and a substantial part of it has to do with carbon emissions and other human endeavors. And almost no one would seriously suggest that we have to go back to the stone age and abandon all of our modern technologies — we just need to take prudent steps to save our planet and the human race. I’ll put my trust in science any day over right-wing politicians and those whose quest for quick profit blinds them to impending environmental catastrophe. And from what I have read, no the jury is not still out on climate change. We know there are serious problems. We do not know the full extent or necessarily what is the best course of action going forward, except that we know we must curtail some of the damage we have been doing to our own nest. And yes, it is possible that in some cases opportunists on the left have used climate change to move their agenda, as reactionaries on the right use racism and über nationalism to move their agenda (whatever it is).

Yeah, in that last sentence I stuck in a German word, über, as in Deutschland über alles (Germany over all). Isn’t it ironic that now we have our own Hitler at the helm, who fans the flames of racism and bigotry, attacks the free press and anyone else who dares question him, that Germany is led by a more democratic form of leadership, even if it does have its far-right problems still. And add to that, Great Britain, the nation we broke away from to gain liberty, seems to have a leader and legislators more devoted to civility and freedom than we now have. Go figure.

Now there is an ongoing debate in Britain whether Trump ought to be dis-invited for a state visit. One conservative member of parliament said that Trump is being condemned for being the first politician to “keep his promises”. I’m not sure to which promises the right honorable gentleman was referring, except maybe to be racist, bigoted, and uncivilized, and to keep America ignorant.

For purposes of accuracy and fairness, it may not be correct to say that Trump is a Hitler clone but his tactics and actions dangerously resemble those of the infamous dictator. Sen. John McCain has pointed out that dictators always go after the free press. And I think those otherwise seemingly intelligent people who support Trump while acknowledging that they are at times uncomfortable with his behavior think that Trump can be used to move their agenda and that he can be otherwise controlled. That’s a dangerous assumption. The man is already out of control.

Read a little bit of history folks. The German establishment made the same mistake with Hitler.


And so, what can be done? Mainly don’t give up on your principles and don’t waste your time arguing with dunderheads or narrow-minded people. Keep informed by checking a variety of souces. And in the end vote.




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