Trump signals willingness to compromise (I think)…

Some think that maybe President Trump turned the corner last night and became president (CNN commentator Van Jones said so). So as it progresses today and in the coming days we will see if he has really set a new tone or will revert to his normal bombast and crude and ignorant ways.

I don’t have time to analyze his whole speech to congress and the nation he made Tuesday night. I did hear each and every word. It was a politician’s speech. He promised the moon and to magically cut taxes and raise spending at the same time. You see the economy will be so much better under his leadership that the government will pull in more revenue while cutting tax rates. Does that ever happen?

I do think he’s right about the military build-up. I have always thought that we have no choice but to be the biggest kid on the block.

And I really like it when he said that we should avoid fighting wars but when we have to we must fight to win. I think fighting to win is a whole lot better attitude than just not doing stupid stuff, as Barack Obama put it. But I cringe a little when Trump goes out of his way to dis Obama. Obama is history. Let it go.

And I still don’t care for Trump the man. But he has urged Republicans and Democrats to work together, thus signaling his willingness for compromise.

I plan to write more on this in the coming days.

Just thought I’d let you the reader know.


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