Did Obama bug Trump or is Trump just buggy? Either way, the Donald needs to go…

This is no way to run a country folks. Getting on Twitter in the middle of the night and claiming that the former president planted electronic eavesdropping devices, or bugs as they are called, in Trump Tower prior to the presidential election is a serious charge. President Donald Trump provides no evidence. And even if it were true, making such an announcement through the internet device known as Twitter certainly is not the proper way to do it.

With his speech last week that seemed more mellow and almost responsible and maybe somewhat reassuring in tone it is a major disappointment that he has gone back to his wacky self.

From what I have read so far it seems that Trump could have come to the conclusion that his campaign must have been bugged because of reports of his people talking to the Russians. What? he has a guilty conscience? And to add to that it has been reported that Trump was furious about the Attorney General Jeff Sessions scandal in which Sessions lied during his senate confirmation hearing about having contact with the Russian ambassador (albeit it could have been entirely perfunctory and innocent) and then because of his actions was forced by pressure from even within the Republican Party, as well as from the Democrats and public opinion in general, to recuse himself from any possible investigation into what some people are calling “Russiangate”. So perhaps due to his embarrassment and fury over the Sessions affair, Trump decided to get back on the offensive against his avowed enemy, the press. Like maybe former President Obama and the press are a cabal against him.

Trump is a little nutty. He needs to leave office or be removed.

Sure if there were any truth to his allegations of bugging by Obama it would be a scandal indeed. But like I think Sen. Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, was trying to say (not sure I understood) it would be a scandal either way. It would be a scandal if Obama somehow got permission from the government’s secret FISA court to bug Trump’s campaign and it would be a scandal if there was a bona-fide reason to do so.

The real scandal is that Trump is president.

He needs to go. I had some hope, even though I cannot personally stand the guy, but I have concluded that he is a dangerous wacko. I think much of the Republican establishment realizes this but does not know what to do.


While the federal government’s time is taken up by the crazy actions of Trump and the Russiagate scandal, the crazy man in North Korea is directing a nuclear missile program and is threatening us and the world. North Korea has Kim Jong-Un and we have Kim Jong Trump!

p.s. p.s.

Now it is possible, I suppose, that the CIA and/or other intelligence agencies (we have far too many) was spying on Trump over the Russian connection without the knowledge of Obama — rightly or wrongly.



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