Trump brings shame upon the United States; Democrats stand to make a comeback, but the GOP can survive…

I’m no political pundit but maybe a pundit wannabe, and just like the pundits I am confused. Before the presidential election it looked as though the Republican Party was in its death throes and in an act of desperation or political suicide it chose Donald Trump as its nominee.

It looked as though the Democrats were essentially giving Barack Obama a third term via Hillary Clinton, and not since FDR had a political party held onto the White House for four terms.

And then the shocker. Trump won. And now it was the Democrats who seemed to be in their death throes.

But now with all this Trump scandal (Russiagate,Trump making wild and unsupported accusations against his predecessor, conflicts of interest, immigration uproar) and the consternation within the Republican Party over how to replace Obamacare (which instead of replacing probably just needed fine tuning), it looks as though the Grand Old Party is fracturing. One Republican pundit in the New York Times said the party’s problem is that it does not know what it stands for.

I guess the same could be said for the Democrats who seemingly abandoned working people.

At the same time, the Republican Party way back in the time of Nixon latched onto disaffected working people who were not happy with Vietnam war protests, affirmative action, riots, and societal change in general.

(Added to the cast of characters in the GOP are the Tea Party/militia crowd and various strains of narrow-minded people.)

But the older elements and the newer elements in the GOP don’t always mix well.

And then you add what that one pundit who said the GOP does not know what it stands for writing about what he called Trump’s “nationalist workers’ party” approach and that really mixes things up, because it does not match the normal right-left mix of politics in the U.S.

As far as I know that is some kind of Hitler concept of right-wing socialism (in the U.S. socialism is thought of as left wing), industrial state thing that basically amounts to nationalism led by a dictator and everyone working as slaves to the industrial/corporate state.

Hitler was evil. He was a mad man. But he did have some kind of demented political plan.

Trump is just a dangerous egocentric ignoramus with his own brand of evil. I know people will say he has to have some smarts because he is so rich. Well he is good at being a con man but national and world affairs are entirely out of his element.

It’s time that honest and responsible thinking people within the Republican Party hierarchy pay him a visit and ask for his resignation.

I don’t think either party is dying. Thanks to the disappointment with Trump, the Democratic Party could well make a comeback in the off-year elections.

The Republican Party did not die after the embarrassment of having Nixon being the first president ever to resign from office (and under threat of impeachment at the hands of his own party).

However, the United States has suffered and is suffering much shame over having such a disgraceful person as president. It is presenting an ugly picture to the world.

And with a catastrophic crisis ever on the horizon, Trump’s lack of leadership capabilities and knowledge is nothing short of frightening. North Korea could finally perfect its nuclear missile system, who knows what Russia will do? There is Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea, and then there are the terrorists, as well as possibly something else we never heard of. Bad stuff happens. And we have an unstable person at the top who rants on Twitter in the night. This is no longer funny, if indeed it ever was.

(And along with Trump, we have a whole crew of characters who seem bent on dismantling our government for unknown reasons.)

It would not hurt for every one of us, regardless of political persuasion, to call or message or write our congress people and senators and demand some action to rid ourselves of the danger of Trump.

He was not elected in a national mandate, only by a fluke in our arcane Electoral College system.

I was never wild about Obama.

And I sure miss him now.

Even simple-minded George W. Bush was at least a gentleman and had some sense of American politics and ideals.


The Republican pundit in the New York Times, to whom I referred, is conservative columnist Ross Douthat.




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