A Trump admirer extolls the virtues of China and socialized medicine…

So this self-identified Donald Trump admirer was letting me in on the secret to why he got nearly free medical care in China, where he has a wife. In fact, he said he married his doctor. No that is not the secret he was talking about. The secret to great and affordable medical care in China is:

“socialized medicine”.

Gee I thought that was anathema to Trump and his Republican Party (well actually I don’t think Trump is tied to anything, but he’s playing Republican these days).

We were not really talking politics and I don’t know the man’s actual political persuasion, if indeed he has any. He came across as just a regular old Vietnam veteran, trucker/beekeeper white guy who believes everyone ought to work and that there should be no welfare.

He was extolling the virtues of the Chinese system — this self-described Trump admirer. I said very little, just interjected a couple of questions. I noted that China is identified as a “communist” nation. His answer was he was not sure how they work all that out. I allowed that I understood that while China has a communist government it has turned to partial capitalism in its economy.

I don’t know how much of all this was for real but without knowing anything else I will assume he was describing himself accurately (I have no reason to think otherwise).

He said that he has a bee business and that these days his children run it. He also said he was a pilot and he bemoaned the pollution in California. You fly over the mountains into California, he said, and you see a blanket of pollution over the land.

I thought Trump was not big on pollution control — he is trying to dismantle the EPA or at least make it weak.

The man expressed puzzlement over the notion that China has a pollution problem. He said he spends a lot of time there and has not seen it. I would not know myself. All I know is what I see on the internet. I know there was much news that they had to shut down their industry in and around Beijing, the capital, during the Olympics several years ago.

Oh, and I thought Trump has been complaining that China is doing us wrong in trade, taking advantage of us. And what this man said did not necessarily belie that, but it was curious. He claimed that the Chinese “love” Trump because — I guess he was saying that Trump will free up our business and the Chinese love to do business with us.

The man said that he actually ships honey to China for processing. “Everyone (in the bee business) is doing that”, he said. He said that China is the biggest customer for honey.

And China, according to him, is some kind of peaceful paradise. He claimed there is no crime in China. He said you could leave your wallet on a table in a bar and no one would steal it. And if a Chinese policeman tells you to stop, you either stop or you get shot. He said that is what should be done here in the USA.

But one of his main points is that in China everyone works. He did not say how that comes about (and actually I think I have read different — but my knowledge of China is admittedly scant).

So this could be all bunkum or it could be exaggerated or it could be just one man’s limited vision or maybe China is just a paradise and we should all wish we were Chinese (and maybe someone reading this is).

And of course I’m talking about the big China — the People’s Republic (communist), not Taiwan.

Is there a point here? Well my point is that while many of us non-Trump admirers and open-minded and politically informed people see the world a little different from maybe your average Trump supporter, some of us (I hope not me) tend to put people into boxes.

I mean it’s interesting, you can have someone who admires Trump and who is by what I could make out a self-made man and a communist-fighting Vietnam vet to boot, who thinks a communist country is on to something.

I mean they have solved the health care problem:

They have socialized medicine.


One thing I wanted to write here was that some people don’t fit into boxes, but rather pick and choose the elements in life that work for them, with an eye toward the practical (practical for them).

Oh, and about cops shooting people. Dead men can’t rob you.

And I think things are a little more complex than all that. But for all my “thinking”  I know that Donald Trump and the man I talked to (as far as I can gather) are far better off than I (financially anyway).




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