Trump’s main 100-day accomplishment is to make us all look bad in front of the world…

Lots of writing and talk about what Donald Trump has accomplished or not accomplished in his first 100 days as president.

I would say one thing he has accomplished is embarrassing the United States in front of the whole world. And I thought George W. Bush did that. But W was a scholar compared to Trump.

Trump has even publicly admitted in interviews that first Health Care legislation was (for himself) surprisingly complicated’ and that the presidency itself was “more complicated” than he thought it would be.

Well, I’ll be. It’s not like selling snake oil or using OPM (other people’s money) and then declaring bankruptcy right after he grabbed his own take.

The only things Trump has going for him are that he is unpredictable, which may sow some confusion in the minds of our adversaries (but unfortunately our friends too) and the fact that since he has no real ideology he is much more flexible than most presidents have been able to be. He does seem, however, to cling to the anti-knowledge base. It’s hard to ignore people who accept you unconditionally (so far).

With his bluster, his ignorance, and his terrible bad manners (he makes the late Don Rickles seem like milk toast), Trump has given a black eye to America.

And so, how parents do you teach your kids how one should behave? I mean do you suggest they model themselves after the leader of our country?

From what I read, Trump’s tax plan is a giveaway to the rich. He would say that is fake news. Well of course some of the analyses of his plan, which by the way some say is not detailed enough to call a plan, may well be partisan, but it seems that it is basically the old worn out “trickle down” theory. And it runs up the deficit even further, something Republicans (Trump you recall plays Republican) say that they are against.

But I think the Republican plan always is to starve the beast (of revenue) in order to kill entitlement programs (things that help people and things that even Republicans or their constituents take advantage of even if they don’t talk about that much) by sheer lack of money without the need of repealing the laws that make them possible.

My two main personal concerns about Trump at the moment are his anti-environmental moves, such as appointing someone to run the EPA whose goal is to repeal environmental regulations and shut the agency down, and his bluster against North Korea or other enemies. I think it is better to be strong, state your policy once, and only act when necessary — and let the blowhards on the opposite side run out of breath.

I mean what if we just ignored Kim Jon Un (or whatever his name is), except when necessary we just lobbed our own missile at him or had him offed (clandestinely of course)?

Okay, what I really mean is we should have a clear foreign policy on North Korea. Beyond that we do not need to engage in bluster. Let the other idiot have his say and wear himself out. We should behind the scenes have our own options how to deal with the threat. With all the disconnect going on right now in the Trump administration and the discord between the congress and president and within the Republican party (not to mention of course between the Republicans and Democrats) it seems doubtful there are any clearly-formulated and active defense strategies.

Trump or his counterpart in North Korea might overreact to provocation — that is the danger.

The bombing of the airfield in Syria but then no followup to me was a waste of time (It may have been more of a message to North Korea, but I think that is a heck of a policy to punish one nation for the acts of another (reminds me of W invading Iraq after terrorists staged out of Afghanistan and from and possibly supported by Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11).

And the claiming an armada was already under way to the waters off North Korea when in fact apparently the Navy and the White House were not in sync and the ships in fact had to or at least were ordered to take part in exercises off Australia, well that made Trump look goofy I thought — and did not help in our credibility with friends or enemies.

Trump and more importantly the rest of us may survive this first four-year term, but so far it is painful and at times scary.

One columnist said, though, that it was not any safer to have a buffoon like W in charge because he disguised evil.

At times, too many times, it seems as if Trump is pure evil on constant display.

Occasionally he goes into his concern for people and children and respect for women mode — but it is hard to reconcile from the Trump we know from all of his well-recorded history and his current every-day actions.


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