Why do we elect people not worthy or ready for the presidency?

Even if I don’t always agree with his politics I recognize columnist Charles Krauthammer as intelligent and well versed in world affairs and history and I recommend this column of his to which I provide a link:


And that is all I want to say in this post — what he said.

Oh, and why oh way do we come up with uninformed and/or unprepared people for president lately?

George W. Bush: poor student, inarticulate, and curiously (considering his family) uninformed.

Barack Obama: highly intelligent and articulate but unprepared. Not enough experience.

Donald Trump: Ignorant of the world beyond his flim-flam real estate businesses and his unreality/ reality TV stuff, and highly ill-mannered.

I realize the election of Trump had to do with the quirkiness of the Electoral College but the fact that he could have ever been even considered as worthy of the presidency is curious and troublesome.

In the seemingly endless Republican so-called presidential debates if anything Trump should have been shunted off to the side at his own little lectern where he could be seen rolling his eyes, mumbling “not true”, “fake news”, “you’re ugly’ “you have low energy”, “You’re having that time of the month”, and dismissed  or ignored like the guy I saw walking across a parking lot yesterday jabbering incomprehensibly to himself (no that was not me — and I’m not running for president anyway).



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