Enough, let’s get on with conducting the business of the nation; both parties ought to ignore Trump as much as possible…

I detest Donald Trump but could we just get on with it? He is president until he serves out his term(s) or he quits or he is removed.

We have a country to run.

FBI director James Comey I think was overreaching his authority when not long before the election he drops the bombshell that he is investigating candidate Hillary Clinton in the then ongoing email controversy and then he further confused things when he said nothing there folks, that is not enough to prosecute on.

(And I have to admit I have not been able to keep track of the on and off of the whole thing and may have misstated it slightly in a past post or posts.)

No president Trump did not fire Comey over the Clinton thing, well not just over that. Actually I imagine Trump wished he had gone after her full bore. No he fired him no doubt because Comey was pushing ahead with the investigation over Russian interference with our election and the possible collusion with the Trump campaign.

And most important of all, he saw Comey as a threat because he was willing to stand up to the bully who is Trump. It is reported that Trump requested Comey’s loyalty and that Comey demurred on that.

And then Trump makes the off-hand remark that Comey better hope there are no tapes, leading people to speculate whether there are any actual tapes. Presidents since Roosevelt (albeit perhaps not all) we are told have taped conversations. Richard Nixon was not the only one. He got the idea from his predecessor LBJ.

So far the Trump White House seems so inept that I doubt they could figure out how to install a taping system. It was reported they did not even know how to turn the lights on initially (seems like they could have asked Mr. or Mrs. Obama).

As paranoid as Trump is he should be glad that J. Edgar Hoover is no longer in charge of the FBI — he had a dossier on everyone (good for blackmail).

While I cannot stand Trump’s politics, I think despite him things could get done. He has projected some force (although with questionable results if any) on the world scale. And one can say he is not afraid to think outside the box. And he can change his mind quicker than he can complete a sentence (well he actually seldom completes a sentence).

And while I am at it, I am not so sure but whether we are in better hands with Trump than his backup Mike Pence. Pence cloaks himself in Christian righteousness which I am afraid is a cover for intolerance and lack of objectivity and imagination.

Trump is mainly a bad boy, ignorant of the world and of traditional politics, and more interested in proving how powerful he is and getting the admiration of his followers than anything else. But his mood shifts, maybe eventually along with public opinion. The Pences of the world do not stray far from their narrow, hard-core belief system.

It is still up in the air whether Trump has actually done anything worth going for impeachment (although it’s a nice thought). Hopefully the investigations will go on both in the FBI and in the congress but at the same time that they do not jam the gears of government and distract us from threats to our security as a nation.

And I have to say there does seem to be an inherent conflict of interest when the person under suspicion (and Trump is under suspicion) has the power to hire and fire the top cop running the investigation. It is kind of like a criminal having the power to hire and fire a police chief or a prosecutor. But the FBI director is a cabinet post, even if it does have a ten-year term — with the president retaining the power to dismiss at will.

But the congress — the House and Senate — is of course a separate branch with supposedly co-equal power (in most respects) to the president through our constitutional system of checks and balances. And of course our Supreme Court and subordinate appellate courts (the judiciary) makes up the third branch of government with co-equal powers. So with that in mind, wouldn’t it be nice if the other two branches, well primarily the congress, went about their (or its) business in spite of the buffoon we seem to be stuck with? I know, I’m name calling, but how else can a rational-thinking person describe such a person as Trump?

And I have to note that the judiciary for its part is doing its duty so far in standing up to Trump and enforcing the Constitution rather than just rubber stamping the president. I know he finds that galling but he can’t fire judges — although he sure can appoint them.

If the moderates of both parties — and it seems the Democrats have far more moderates even though they are always tagged as liberal — got together they could craft legislation that fit the needs of the bulk of the public rather than narrow interests. And they could pass that legislation. Trump is such a chameleon that I doubt he would have much of a problem accommodating some of the more moderate legislation, especially if he could take the credit.

It might take some bravery, particularly on the part of Republicans. But sooner or later it would seem they would get tired of rationalizing the disaster that is Trump (for the nation and their party).

Now as I am writing this I just have seen that North Korea has made yet another practice missile launch. Guess that wayward U.S. armada did not do the trick.

For now it seems that the North Korean actions are more of a bluff than anything else, but this ongoing crisis left neglected, as it has in the past, could one day (and who knows how soon?) result in disaster. It would be better if our president spent more time working with the people around him, in a cool-headed but purposeful manner, and congress to figure out the best way to deal with this threat rather than playing silly childish games with his political foes and the press.

Even though I detest Trump’s move to weaken environmental regulations and to allow more freedom of religious institutions to engage in politics but still claim tax-exempt status and other such things, the thing I worry the most about is how he would handle a crisis, such as an imminent nuclear attack — or if North Korea actually did land a missile on us.

The Republicans were irresponsible for foisting Trump upon us. But they wanted to win that bad. They have sold their soul.


If we ignored him, would he just go away?







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