Trump presidency coming undone? It can’t happen too soon…

UPDATE Number 2:

So today ,Tuesday, May 16, the story now is that President Trump asked FBI director James Comey to shut down the investigation on now-resigned national security advisor Michael Flynn, under investigation for dealings with the Russians. Yes, there is the standard denial. But it is beginning to pile on. Comey reportedly wrote a memo about the incident and shared it with colleagues and one or more in return have shared it or parts of it with the press. Comey needs to testify before congress under oath. I don’t know how much it takes to prove obstruction of justice, that might be eventually up to the Senate in an impeachment trial and/or public opinion. One would have to judge the credibility of Comey versus Trump (somehow that seems a no-brainer, and I mean Trump has no credibility). Could Comey be lying? I suppose, but once the things start unraveling there will be others who may well testify or supply evidence.


UPDATE number one: Since my original post on this, via tweets, the president has seemingly admitted that he shared “information” with the Russians and that he has every right to do so. I don’t think he admitted to actually giving away classified information but I imagine there is a fine line between information and sensitive information and classified information and so on and right now it seems to be a word game on the part of both journalists and the president and his administration. In addition I am speculating that the intelligence community is nervous about Trump and is reasserting itself after outright attacks and much disrespect from Trump early on in his presidency.

ADDENDUM TO THIS UPDATE: At least one story I read claimed that the president on his own can decide what is classified and what is not, so therefore he would not have committed a crime. I think that is interesting (if true) but almost beside the point. What is important is whether it is wise to tell all you know…



I’m always wary of stories based on an unnamed source or sources but then again that is how we began to get the full story on the Watergate scandal and had not those stories been published President Richard Nixon could have carried on his assault on democracy, his misuse of the power of his office to go after his enemies real and perceived.

This latest revelation that came out Monday (well that is when I saw it) that President Donald Trump may have given away classified information in meetings with the Russians — probably not to betray his country but in some immature behavior to impress the Russians he seems to idolize about how much information he has — could be a signal that finally his world is unraveling. And he made such a big deal about his opponent Hillary Clinton possibly compromising classified information through sloppy email practices, even proclaimed she ought to be locked up.

But again, so far this story seems a bit shaky to me, although quite plausible. And if no proof can be supplied it could discredit those who report it — of course that is always the risk and quandary in professional journalism.

But meantime, from what I am reading, slowly but surly many Republican legislators are beginning to distance themselves from the president — good idea for them I think.

People like me spend so much time wishing there could be some way to kick him out of office and it may well be he will essentially kick himself out of office.

And even if some can’t get themselves to admit or accept it, surely many hard-core Trump supporters must be finally getting the picture:

The emperor has no clothes.

And I should stop there but it frustrates me when people say Trump has to be smart and a good leader because he has done so well in business.

There are just too many things wrong with that, so many that if I tried I might not be able to state all that is wrong with that, but I’ll name a few things:

First of all, government is not business (the two entities do not have the same purpose or goals). And then, the kind of business (primarily real estate development, and I guess you could say show business with his “reality” shows) is not general business per se and runs on different rules. Also he began with money and added some sales ability (in other words he knew how to exaggerate) and had a penchant for using the bankruptcy courts I think to keep his own money and cheat others. But whatever he did, he did not work with people to gain consensus among disparate groups, which leaders in democracies often have to do, no he used sales puffery, bullying, and appealed to other people’s own greed, other people who wanted to be on the winning side of the bully (and may have well found themselves out in the cold).

And we have to remember he won by a fluke, not by vote tallies. So he really needs to please a lot of people to push an agenda through (unless he thinks it can all be done by executive orders and actions, which it cannot). And it is hard to know what his actual agenda is.

The end of the Trump administration cannot come too soon, as far as I am concerned. He is a national embarrassment and a threat to democracy and the stability of the nation and world.





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