The man who is making U.S. foreign policy (Trump) doesn’t even know what ‘Middle East’ means…

The humiliation of at least generally intelligent Americans never ends when Donald Trump is president.

The dunderhead in chief just informed his hosts in Israel that they are not the Middle East.

A slip of the tongue? He was tired? Yada, yada, yada.

No, we know from his public history that he is actually not well informed, not curious, and incapable of holding on to a thought for more than maybe a few seconds.

And this is the man who is making our foreign policy.

Now I realize that in this world of jet travel one can go to far-off places and never see much more than an airport and then maybe the hotel.

I’m a long-haul truck driver but what do I mostly see? The interstate, the truck stop, the industrial area, and then back home again. Sadly it is completely possible to travel and see and learn nothing.

But I do have curiosity. I have done some traveling outside of truck driving. And I have seen and learned things.

If you share my level of curiosity or even mildly so, you and I would be better at making foreign policy than Trump.

Trump was telling his Israeli hosts how he just visited Saudi Arabia, the Middle East. “We just got back from the Middle East”, he said. One official briefly covered his face with a hand in discomfort no doubt.

You might dismiss it as a gaffe.

No it’s called Trump.

The great masses of the uninformed and uninterested got their man in the White House.

I hope they are happy. I’m not.


Geographical terms can be tricky because they have changed somewhat through the years. But even with all of that, just look it up and you will see that Israel is, well just about in the middle of the Middle East.

Trump geography:



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