Proud to be an American this Fourth, despite you know who…

Proud to be an American this July 4th, 2017. The United States of America is bigger and better than its leaders, especially the current one at the top, you know who.

Frustration, inattention, distraction, apathy, a world changing at warp speed, all those factors led to the state of affairs our government is in right now. And, if you can believe the polls, 40 percent of Americans are comfortable with the person at the top.

But we are not the government, although the government is of our own making and is supposed to reflect our wishes.

But we are individuals in an as of yet still free nation where we are not obliged to be lockstep behind an authoritarian leader and engage in groupthink (formed by the group in power) and to try to understand its newspeak (where there are alternative facts, and by which we would be prevented from forming coherent and independent thoughts).

This dark era in our government will pass.

Maybe we needed it to appreciate what we have.

However, I could have done without it myself.

But I am proud to be an American and feel so fortunate to have been born here.





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