Could we just ignore Trump?

What if we all just ignored Donald Trump? Would he go away? I mean, yeah, he’d still be president, but maybe we could work around that. Other than the fact that through some almost unimaginable fluke he is president, how important are his antics?

I imagine is it dawning upon the rest of the world that the emperor really has no clothes.

And for now that is all I have, other than to say that it is not his party affiliation, his politics, or anything but the sheer nonsense of it all that bothers me.

I think he was elected because of our weird Electoral College system. I hope it is not a sign that universal suffrage (and I don’t mean the women’s vote) was not such a good idea.

But sooner or later it would seem that even Republicans would just start treating him like the crazy relative kept upstairs.


It is troubling that he has the so-called nuclear button as his grasp 24-7. One would only hope that the word would be put out like was purportedly done with Nixon in his dark days (don’t let him do it or cooperate with him).

AND one more thing: I’m beginning to realize that vice-president Pence is scarier than Trump. Trump is a clown (albeit a dangerous one), Pence not so much.





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