So white nationalists would prefer a Hitler? What if an authoritarian they supported turned on them?…Threats from the right and left but the right has a man in the White House…

Much of the Greatest Generation members of whom stormed the beaches of Normandy and landed on the islands of the South Pacific — going straight on into enemy fire with little to no protection — thousands of our people dying in a day — are now dead, but they must be figuratively rolling in their graves with white nationalists now carrying Nazi or Nazi-like symbols and inflicting terror on the streets of America….

The U.S. and the Allies In World War II fought a long and hard two-front war against the Germans and the Japanese and against the forces of authoritarianism, fascism, and militarism that had reared their ugly heads and threatened the world at the time. Those forces were foes of democracy and personal freedom and equal treatment of the races of mankind.

Today we see the same threat coming to the forefront.

Oh I realize our president says it is not just the white supremacists but left-wing radicals too — maybe so, but those Nazis (I call them) are the most visible and it was one of their ilk who mowed down pedestrians and killed one in Charlottesville, Va. this past weekend. And the right-wing extremists have a sympathizer in the White House, the president.

And like I said in my previous post, it is the ultra right-wing extremists who seem to have the most support in this nation. Otherwise law-abiding citizens look the other way or secretly harbor some sympathy with their supposed cause, even if they themselves would not likely resort to violence. It’s all about resistance to political correctness and extremes in trying to solve the racial injustices of the past — the old school busing plans the quotas in hiring (using reverse discrimination to make up for past discrimination of blacks and other people of color). And it is all about ignorance of history too.

And I have neglected so far to mention that taunt used in Charlottesville I read about:

Just tried to look it up but it was something like “Jew go home”, using Jew in a kind of cruel and threatening play on words as “you”.

Through the ages Jews have been blamed for all kinds of things, such as being successful. I have read that since they were so often forbidden from entering various trades due to religious prejudice, they had to use their wits to survive.

So do those white supremacists approve of what Hitler did to the Jews? He sent men and women and children to concentration camps to either be worked to death or gassed to death in what they were told were showers or to be burned to ashes in ovens. And no it was not fiction. Not only did victorious Allied forces record what they found, the ever-efficient and dutiful Germans recorded much of it for posterity.

But what about what our president calls the “alt-left” (as opposed to a right-wing faction previously tagged as the “alt-right”)?

They have not received as much coverage but that may either be because they are not as significant or numerous or like I suspect that they don’t have nearly the chance to get anywhere — not saying for sure they could not ever.

I’ve lived long enough in my native land (I’m a native American; I was born here) to know that just under the surface there is that fascist or Nazi-like current from folks who tend to support what they consider sacred institutions and customs (and they have their own personal ideas on what all that is) and who might support some type of authoritarianism to preserve them. But what if that authority turned on them? Do they ever think about that?

President Trump never gets anything right. I mean I even think he came close by a measured but almost equal response he seemed to come up with for a second or two before he seemed to return to laying most of the blame for the recent violence on “both sides” with the implication it was really leftists radicals. It is hard to  pin him down on anything because he contradicts himself in mid sentence sometimes or he will say something in public and then go home and tweet the polar opposite. Take your pick.

He should have come down hard on the white extremists initially and kept it that way, but it would also be correct to condemn violence on all sides. We all know he is trying to give a wink, wink to the white nationalists, not necessarily because he is personally sympathetic, but for playing to his base. Politicians make terrible compromises all the time — but this is out of limits in a free society as far as I am concerned.

Sometimes I think of dropping this blog. I have other things I should do or lots of other things I want to do. But if I am going to write anything about politics, what else is there at this time?

This nation is at a dangerous crossroads.

It is like a terrible dream and I wish the nightmare was over.


The latest beef began as a protest over the planned removal of a statue of Conferderate General Robert E. Lee from a city park.

I lift the following from a promo for a Wall Street Journal story:

…Some people who oppose statue removal do so for reasons of historical or artistic preservation. But would any of them have decided to make common cause with neo-Nazis and join in last week’s demonstration? writes James Freeman……

And more lifting, this on the Donald Trump presidency in more general terms, from Der Spiegel of Germany, in a interview with chancellor candidate Martin Shulz:

Schulz: It was clear to me that the White House’s solemn atmosphere would not civilize Trump. But the merciless nepotism with which he conducts politics, in which he places himself and his family above the law, I wouldn’t have considered that possible. And on top of that there is this reduction of complex political decisions to 140 characters. When it comes to a U.S. president, I consider the reduction of politics to a tweet to be truly dangerous. Trump is a risk to his country and the entire world…

And back to my own words: I could not have said it better than Herr Shulz.

Oh, Trump is not like other politicians, he says what he means, claim what is left of his supporters (whatever it is that he means, and does he mean well?).










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