Yes the president did call out the Nazis but at the same time he was always equivocal on blame…


If I did not use that word to describe President Trump’s stance on who was to blame or most to blame for the violence in Charlottesville I should have. That one word describes it.

At a rally last night in Phoenix Trump ranted and raved as he did a kind of Mussolini-style strut on the stage against what he called “fake news” from the “media” (as I often feel compelled to note, “media” has become a pejorative, for the most part, for what was once referred to as “the press” or journalism.

I often think it is comical when right-wing broadcasters/ bloviators disparage the “media” when they are part of it.

But let’s get back to Charlottesville. To some extent I think Trump has a point that the mainstream press or media portrayed him as not condemning the neo-Nazis and Klansmen and like groups and implying at least that it was radicals on the left (or as Archie Bunker used to say, “commie pinko fags”) who were more to blame for the violence. But he did — with a caveat.

I’m not going to go back over when Trump said what, except to say that originally, as I recall, he failed to condemn the right-wing agitators but followed up with a condemnation of them in the strongest terms. But at the same time he never let go of his position that the violence came from “many sides”.

Ironically, while the New York Times (and of course others) seemed to imply or state in its coverage that the Nazis (I’ll just use that term for shorthand) were to blame, it also ran a story about a loosely-knit group unofficially called Antifi (short for anti-fascist) that seeks to fight violence with violence. Nevertheless I think it is correct to say that the mainstream media has pretty much portrayed the whole thing as basically violence conducted by extreme reactionary thugs against milk-toast forces of peace in the middle or on the left of the political spectrum.

Trump in his rally last night kept objecting that he over and over again condemned the violence from right-wing groups but the press falsely reported otherwise. He left out the fact that his statements were always equivocal as who was to blame.

So on the one hand Trump accuses the media of lying, presenting fake news, and on the other hand he attempts to deceive by conveniently leaving out an element of the story — his equivocation. Of course his supporters have no interest in what most of us would call the truth. They know what they know.

We all know that what power Trump may have (if any, other than to push the nuke button, and that in itself is quite enough) is dependent upon continued support from about the only group left who could or would support him: far-right reactionaries. So Trump feels compelled to pander to them. That is why and what he was doing in Phoenix last night.

Failing politicians always go after the press or media if you prefer.

Trump won the presidency in a bizarre and disastrous-for democracy fluke of our convoluted system of presidential election.

He is steadily losing his grip on both his mind and the presidency.

The Republicans who nurtured this bad seed are finally beginning to realize what they have sown.

What with terrorism, civil strife, a navy that can’t seem to guide its ships, and a continued erosion of our status in the world, let’s hope it is not too late.


And if you support Trump and are concerned that the media are biased against him, what is there to worry about? You have Fox News don’t you? Now I have not been watching it, but are they turning against your hero too?

p.s. p.s.

At this point I think Trump is either just plain nuts (really) or a maverick like no one has ever seen. If he had any sense though he would court the media instead of attack it. So, yeah, he’s a nut case no doubt.







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