Military assets put to good use, but were officials prepared? Does not seem like it…

UPDATE to my Update of 8-31-17

And now the somewhat flamboyant retired army Gen. Russell Honore who led military relief efforts in Katrina is charging that even though a special military command was set up after that storm officials seemed to have been caught off guard and have been too slow to react.  He said they “ought to quit patting themselves on the back” and deploy the available military resources (more than they have) and questioned why all these days later some units are still waiting in reserve. He said that Harvey is much bigger than Katrina.

I had asked why the Marines (and I meant other military as well) had not been sent in to the flood zone or at least more of them but it appears today from what I read so far away is that forces of the regular and reserve military have been coming in since Monday and units from all the branches continue to be deployed. The Texas governor had already activated the entire National Guard from his state.

Whatever the case, it is an excellent use of our prized asset, the U.S. military.

So perhaps my question below did not need to be asked. I realize it is not a movie or TV program. It takes time to mobilize forces, and they are being mobilized.

My original post on this from yesterday follows:

Just a question: why didn’t we immediately send in the Marines as it became apparent that Harvey was the storm of all storms and an unprecedented number of people would be stranded in high waters?

I just read that in fact some marines with amphibious craft have been sent in but more await orders. What is the hold up?

I mean when I see that a whole city, Port Arthur, Texas, is under water and people in a shelter having to scoot up to the top of bleachers to keep above the water and when I constantly read that there have been people in the vast flood area awaiting rescue for days — why are we not deploying as much of our military assets as we can?

Now I don’t claim to understand what all might be involved. I am just wondering. Anyone have any ideas?


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