Fun and games distracted the working class and then it awoke and the fun was over…

Just read a long, long story in the New York Times about a factory worker who lost her job because it was shipped off the Mexico. She had supported Trump in spirit but not vote. You will recall Trump vowed to save American jobs by taxing or otherwise punishing firms that exported jobs but brought their products back into the USA. She did not vote because she believes all politicians are liars.

I would say probably most politicians find themselves either having to lie or be less than candid, or be a little fuzzy with the truth in order to get into office and then in order to stay in office. In some cases you might see their actions as somewhat defensible (I mean we all tell white lies to be polite — yes that is a cute baby– or to keep from being punched in the nose), but in others their actions are reprehensible. But the problem is simply opting out of the system only perpetuates the problem.

I was just talking to some people I have known for years. Good hard-working (and God-fearing — or loving? sounds better to me) and I am fairly certain they never vote. And that is their own stated attitude: “all politicians are liars”.

So when you go with that attitude and opt out of the system you leave it to those who do vote and look what is has gotten us.

I am convinced that if the majority of citizens kept themselves informed, and informed through and objective analysis of available media rather than one-sided media (Fox with its Nazi-like attitude, and yes, to some extent the more traditional mainstream, which at times has seemed to be left leaning, particularly decades ago when it realized the ugly truth about Vietnam and dared question the status quo), they could make better decisions on who to vote for and might force candidates to be more transparent and own up to the truth.

But here is a whirlwind tour of what happened:

Once upon a time labor was downtrodden. But then there were unions, and then there was the boom in the economy sparked strangely and sadly enough by World War II. Laborers (I mean factory workers and skilled and not as skilled people who toil with their hands and backs and even some office or lower-level white-collar workers) moved into the middle class. With their newfound wealth they became complacent. And then came technology which offered fun and games to the populace. They could not be bothered with the affairs of the nation and world — they had work and then the fun and games.

The corporate interests realized no one was paying attention. The politicians realized it was the corporate interests they needed to satisfy more than the public, so much of which was distracted by their bread and circuses or fun and games.

And then one day the factory worker woke up and her job was gone, along with the fun and games she could no longer pay for.

Gee what happened?

Maybe you should have paid attention.


Simplistic I know. And real abbreviated. But don’t you see some truth or accuracy there?

Wake up America before it is all gone.

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