Trump supporters: he’s a liar but he’s our liar…

You would think that all conservatives and all America-first nationalistic-minded citizens would be up in arms to realize that their president has associated so much with people with ties to a foreign government that is our adversary.

So will the indictment by Special Counsel Robert Mueller of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager, on money laundering charges, a man who is known to have close ties to Russia, turn them against Trump?

Manafort made millions as a foreign agent but skipped paying taxes as we working people have to.

I think a lot of Trump supporters see it this way: all politicians are liars, but Trump is our liar.

A business partner with Manafort was also charged.

And the thing about close ties with Russia — they probably think it’s all made up stuff — even if Manafort has admitted to such — by Trump’s adversaries or they are just indifferent because they like Trump because he gives the intellectual elite such a bad time with his ignorance and his boorish behavior. Stick it to the elites, never mind the facts.

And looking at it another way, the elites should have brought themselves down to the level of the common man a little for the campaign and talked more bread and butter issues than the high-minded we are all in it together it takes a village stuff. No, reality is each voter has to think of him or herself and their family first.

Nevertheless, we have a president who has at the very least made poor choices about who he consorts with and at the most is in the pocket of the Russians.

He claims he has no concern because none of what has taken place involves him or his administration. Really?

Well, he may be your liar but he is not mine — I say that to all of you Trump supporters.

This may still play out like Watergate. The steady drip, drip, drip may force Trump’s reluctant protectors in the Republican majority to turn against him.


A foreign policy advisor to Trump has pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his work as a foreign agent. So we have a little insight as to how Trump sorts out foreign policy issues.



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