Our potty-mouthed president; some voters made a deal with the devil…

Let me say this right up top here: I am for America First!

Having made that clear, I still think that referring to other nations as “shit holes” is below the level of dignity that a U.S. president should have — but of course ours does not have any dignity, and he tarnishes the good name of our beloved nation.

But his apologists and some realists, I suppose, settle for the notion that he is who he is, and he is president, and he is likely to be so at least for another three years and even perhaps four more after that.

Some voters were so repelled by the idea of having the sometimes shrill and seemingly shady Hillary Clinton as president that they voted for the unquestionably racist, sexist, and known potty-mouthed Donald Trump.

(And I should mention that he is a pathological liar. But that does not seem to bother his faithful because, they will tell you: A. all politicians lie, and B., he is their liar.)

So, in electing Trump, the nation has made a deal with the devil.

On the one hand we are getting an America-first agenda. The stock market is climbing. It seems as if the labor market is expanding. Some conglomerates are raising employee wages in a gesture (politically opportune) of thanks for the new Republican tax law that gives corporations (and various others) a major tax cut.

And get this: some of those quintessential Dodge Ram pickups (they are a sign of manhood where I live I know; but ladies love’em too) will go back to being produced in a plant in America in Michigan (although others will continue to be made in Mexico).

Of course Walmart has announced raises for employees, although it also announced the closing of some of its low-performing Sam’s Club stores (but hard to criticize ’em for not wanting to lose money).

I don’t know the extent of this spreading of the largesse. We would not want to exaggerate.

But something I have noticed over the past year — empirical evidence if you will — are help-wanted signs seemingly sprouting up all over the place. And I do get around as a long-haul truck driver.

Okay, that was the good part of the bargain in the deal with the devil (if you give Trump the credit).

On the other hand:

We have created more animosity toward our nation on a crowded planet. We may be strong but we are not stronger than the whole world. That is to say there are more of them than there are of us. A whole lot more.

And by putting down people and other nations we give more ammunition to terrorists who use this as evidence to feed to potential recruits to fight the great Satan (us).

Besides all of that, so many in this nation profess their adherence to Christianity, or let’s just say their belief in God (no matter what religion), and supposedly a major tenet in that belief is a respect for all of God’s children. I don’t see how that squares with a president who uses foul language to disparage people of color or races other than his own.

His actions could result in an increase in racial strife right here at home too. We do not want that.

Trump was reported to have uttered his “shit hole” remark at a meeting in the White House that was not public and may have not been recorded (I don’t know), but that has been corroborated by both Republicans and Democrats in attendance, as I understand it.

His spokesmen have not denied it but in some strange twist of logic have simply stated that the president is for America first, by which one can only conclude that as long as one is for America using uncivil and foul language to describe others is permissible.

So I guess if we advise our children to learn to act like adults they should in turn brush up on their foul language, and boys (#Me too notwithstanding) should learn how to grab females in their private parts and brag about it (as our fearless leader).

I fear our civilization is falling into the gutter.

But if Trump is due some credit for good things (and I do not know that he really is), could we have these good things without his repulsive behavior?

Or do I not get it? It just seems like a deal with the devil to me.

The most evil man of the 20th Century, Adolf Hitler, whipped the beleaguered German nation into shape, and his partner in crime Benito Mussolini made the trains in Italy run on time, and there was an awful price to pay for it all.


Oh, and meanwhile, Republican elders and people with influence continue to be conflicted as to Trump. On the one hand they wince at his bullish and uncivil ways but on the other hand they are fearful to protest too hard lest they lose their grip on their own power, and they may feel that they can use him in some way (although it is they who may be being used I think).

Yes some people have protested, only to take it back when they get cold feet.

The following quotation or words closely resembling it has been attributed to several icons of history but, whatever, I think it apples here:

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

(Edmund Burke)




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