Both Democrats and Republicans share equal blame for fiscal stalemate that won’t stop even with resolution…

The government shut down still in progress as I write this is a deplorable stunt by both major political parties who are more intent on blaming each other than serving the American people. They should all be voted out of office except perhaps that kind of thinking is what gave us President Trump — super anti-establishment. Some may be happy about that. As for me I prefer continuity and stability and civility.

(Even if all this is resolved by the time you read this, I think what I say is still relevant.)

The system that has evolved is that instead of hammering out a budget, a spending plan, both sides hide behind continuing spending resolutions so they do not have to be fully accountable.

Meanwhile, the president and his spokespeople and most of the Republican legislators blame the Democrats for holding up a budget agreement over their insistence that accommodation be made for immigrant children brought into this nation illegally by their parents. While the children were not born here, they grew up here and now could face deportation. Most would not even know the nations of their birth, even the language or customs any more than one of us who were born in the U.S.

Now supposedly polling shows that a majority of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans included, support accommodating what are called “dreamers” (they dream of becoming citizens and realizing the American dream).

But the Republican propaganda machine is taking advantage of the predicament saying that the Democrats are shutting down the government to help illegal aliens to the detriment of our own citizens. Of course on its face anyone would know that the issue is more complex than that but both political parties use such simplistic and misleading assertions, counting on the belief (sadly often true) that voters often are not deep thinkers and glom onto any quick slogan or phrase or simplistic notion that supports their own current prejudices.

Make no mistake, I realize uncontrolled immigration and so-called chain immigration where as I understand it the trick is to slip members of the family in little by little until everyone is established needs to be dealt with.

Some people think we ought to bring in only skilled workers we need. I agree with that approach to an extent but I also would like to think we are a refuge (to the extent we can be) for the downtrodden of the world. Probably immigrants, regardless of skill level, are more likely to become working citizens than many of our own.

Just saw part of a sad story (with perhaps a happy or promising ending) on PBS about a refugee couple from Africa — both very intelligent people who suffered from the corruption and torture there. Yeah, Trump was correct in a way — there are shit hole countries — but it is not the innocent people or the actual countries but the corrupt sectors of their societies (corruption exists everywhere, here in the good ol’ USA as well of course).

Our congress needs to amend its ways of doing business and resolve problems, not continue to create them.

A government shut down has terrible consequences. Federal workers through no fault of their own could be deprived of wages. They may end up getting back pay — I don’t know — one would not think so. Armed Forces personnel have to forgo paychecks while staying on duty (while I am sure they get it all eventually, they may well need those paychecks now — could you deprive a soldier of his or her pay?).

The public is deprived of services the government provides. I know that a lot of parks are closed  or have limited services. I am supposed to go to a government office to get a new I.D. card to get into the ports (I’m a trucker), but as far as I know the offices would be closed. Contractors would not be paid on time. And the list goes on.

Both major political parties want to make the other look bad hoping to get advantage in the next elections. At this rate it would be better to vote for third-party candidates — but people who know something, not the like the dunderhead we have as president now. Yes, I know, a lot of people are saying but the economy seems to be improving. Well Hitler whipped the German nation into shape, for a time, and Mussolini made the trains in Italy run on time, but at what a disastrous cost — those societies ended up with all civil liberties gone, torture and murder and a terrible war.











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