(Updated info) Death toll continues to rise in still another multi-death high school shooting; is this really the price of freedom?

NOTE: I have updated some of my info from the original post, but this in no way is meant as an original narrative of the news, rather it is my personal commentary based simply on what you the reader of this have available to yourself.

The death total has risen to at least ten now in a Texas high school mass shooting. In addition, there are at least ten wounded.

It happened this morning (5-18-18) in Santa Fe, Texas.

But this is almost not news or at least if you consider the statistic put out by CNN, an average of one high school shooting a week so far this year. That statistic I guess is a bit misleading in that it includes shooting of all types, not just mass killings. Even so, that seems little comfort.

And of course all these shootings and mass shootings do not take place at high schools — they take place at concerts and churches too and anywhere really.

And nothing is done. There just is no will to enact reasonable gun control legislation. While it is true that legislation alone would not likely solve the problem, it would seem to me it could help and it would be a prudent step.

Now the word is that the weapons used were a shot gun and a revolver, rather than the more common weapon in these things, rapid fire rifles or other such high powered weapons, designed more for military use than hunting or self-defense.

A student has been arrested, and it is reported his weapons belonged to his father. And yes, gun control, save a confiscation of guns, would not prevent things like this — and I definitely don’t see a confiscation as legal or called for. It is hard to protect against every contingency.

Reports are also that explosive devices were found in the area. We have to wonder from where this evil stems.

For now increased security seems the best bet.

My children are a long time out of high school but in today’s atmosphere I wonder if I in good conscience could send them to a school. Of course we are all vulnerable just being out in public. That has to be considered too.

It looks as if schools will have to be made into some kind of fortresses where all will have to pass through metal detectors and maybe be searched, electronically or physically, before entering, whether they are in the urban environment or out in the country — shootings know no boundaries.

As was noted ironically or satirically in an opinion piece I just read: “This is the price we pay for freedom”.

I don’t buy that. We can continue to be a free nation and at the same time use some common sense, and I am not talking every man, woman, and child packing heat and everyone having to duck the crossfire. That is not civilization.

We’ll see how this latest story out of Texas develops and if it gets worse.


And since beginning this post it got worse as you can see by the update that at least ten are now listed as dead (and I suppose there could be more fatalities).

President Trump was quoted as saying “this has gone on too long (mass shootings)”. Now the question is will he do anything. He prides himself in being a man of action not tied to conventional norms — so do something. Of course the gutless congress has to join in. Whose afraid of the NRA? Answer: congress and state legislators for the most part. If I had to discard all my principles for a job I would hope I’d have enough self-respect and pride to leave it.


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