Impeach Trump, oppose Kavanaugh, but don’t make that a campaign theme…

Someone suggested to me that President Trump seems to be doing his best to set up the grounds for his own impeachment: lying to the American people (and we have the tapes to prove it), violating the emoluments clause, conspiring with foreign governments to the detriment of the United States (some of these I am adding myself), bringing disgrace and dishonor to the United States by going out of his way to insult our allies, making racial slurs — well the list goes on…

But the thought is that the Democrats should not run on impeaching trump. They should run on what they can do for the country — and then once in office impeach Trump. And I would add, only if that seems the will of the people (of course).

Actually I think they have made the opposition to Trump’s selection of conservative justice Brett Kavanagh to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court the Democratic main election issue for the mid terms, with the concern that he would take any chance he could get to overturn Roe v Wade, thus ending a woman’s right to abortion, and that he would, as well, take any opportunity to strike down various hard-won specific rights near and dear to liberals gained through the courts.

But back to impeachment. The Democrats cannot now launch a successful impeachment bid because the Republicans are in power, although they too could tire of Trump or get scared of him as they did of Nixon, who kind of went off the deep end, forcing him to resign under the threat of impeachment. Trump already has gone off the deep end, but some are still in denial.

Oh, and that thing about Trump lying — I don’t want to hear: “well all politicians lie.” That’s what your average Trump holdout might say when cornered by the facts.

I mean, yes, all politicians do stretch the truth, color the facts or make them fit into the mold they want (does that make sense?), but Trump just lies, even when there is a fresh recording of what he just said or when the truth is plain to see. Then when confronted he just hollers “fake news”. I guess that works for the willingly uninformed who don’t want to know the truth anyway.

But if we eliminate the practice of dealing with facts in the course of conducting the affairs of our nation I think we are in  deep trouble. I mean who are we fooling? Ourselves?

I also want to say about the Supreme Court: that was a dirty trick the Republicans played when they refused to even consider Obama’s last court pick. The Democrats are not currently in the majority so they cannot play that trick. And after nudging the Republicans into exercising the so-called nuclear option in which they got rid of the filibuster for Supreme Court picks, that tool is no longer available (whoops).

I’d say don’t worry about it so much. I actually think the high court tends to follow the culture, regardless of its ideological makeup. And we should not have to depend upon the judiciary to make laws or determine public policy. We might actually have to go the legislative route.

A judiciary that refused to recognize the authority of the legislature could be subject to impeachment itself.

Trump is bringing the country down, and unfortunately it will all too soon become apparent I expect. I’m in the process right now of hauling a product of international trade. Trump’s current actions are threatening the stability and long-term health of our trade.

The farm lobby drank the Trump kool aid and dawned the red caps only to find that he is threatening American agriculture’s overseas markets by the trade war he instigated. Oh, I know, he’s just playing the tough game positioning himself in bargaining. But maybe he really does not know or even care what he is doing. Maybe the emperor really has no clothes (yes, cliché I know, but so appropriate here).

(And here’s a question: if a person is known to always lie or bluff, how effective a tool can that be?)

The people will turn to the other party, or some new party, if there is something to turn to.

And that is the question, is there something or someone to turn to?






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