Trump cowers, how will his faithful apologists explain it? Or do they care?

I should have known. In fact I suspected. President Trump has once again basically said never mind I did not say that or mean that or I was misquoted and basically taken back most of what he said publicly (before cameras and on tape) after his private meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Trump had questioned U.S. intelligence reports that Russia meddled in our elections and indicated he was taking Putin’s word that it did not.

So, really what is the sense of reporting on what Trump says or listening to him? He says one thing and then changes his story when he sees the wind blowing the other way or is caught in a fabrication or whatever. That is one thing he is consistent on.

Now actually I can see that it is healthy for Trump to be skeptical, although best not to reveal it to an adversary or even a friend.

And Sen. Rand Paul is correct in saying that both the U.S. and Russia play this game (I’m fairly sure). But that is something you just understand but not something that you disavow — FOR THE OTHER SIDE!

The word of course is that Trump just can’t stomach any suggestion that the Russians helped him win the election. I personally doubt whatever they did had much effect anyway. It was both an Electoral College-induced fluke, plus a real white backlash (primarily white I think) of many whom were at one time Democrats, who felt that the party had deserted them and had become more interested in winning elections than dealing with their problems, that put Trump into office — and possibly could keep him there.

Well that is my updated lead to the post I had not even posted yet.

Besides seeming to grovel at the feet of Putin, Trump within the past week attacked NATO members, threatening to break up the decades-long pact between the free west and the not free East. But there he did seem to get some concession from member nations on upping their dues. He could claim victory on that.

Hard to see the victory out of slobbering at the feet of Putin. And it is so unbecoming.

And now the original post I had not posted yet:

In my lifetime George McGovern said he would go to Hanoi and beg if need be to get our prisoners back. He lost his bid for the presidency. I mean that did seem a bit weak, you think?

Poor Jimmy Carter became a hostage in the White House rose garden over the Iran Hostage Crisis over which he was powerless to do anything. There was a failed rescue attempt, but no backup plan apparently.

Barack Obama began his presidency with an apology tour telling the world he was sorry on the behalf of America for being such a bully around the world, and although he was re-elected he forever drew the scorn of those who don’t see much use in running ourselves down for the world to see (I mean if you think you’ve been bad, just be nice and leave it at that). And worse, Obama drew that line in the sand against the murderous Syrian regime and then kept stepping back.

But we were supposed to have no more of that with the new brave, albeit super vain, leader who promised to make America Great Again, one Donald Trump, a bankruptcy-plagued real estate tycoon and all around big mouth, who pretended to want to be president and then got caught in his own trap and became the president.

After he groveled at the feet of Vladimir Putin this week we now know just how unprepared he was to be the leader of America and the free world.

I’d say put him right up there with Neville Chamberlain.

But I have read that poor Mr. Chamberlain at least had an excuse in that he knew the British people were not keen on getting involved in another world war after their terrible losses in World War I.

But Donald Trump is just a Vietnam era draft dodger who has got caught up in something he does not understand and cannot bluff his way through.

Well at least I don’t think so.

It will be interesting to see how the Trump apologists contort themselves to make this look good. Sadly, I don’t doubt they will.

I know, it’s all part of some grand scheme to make America great again that I cannot understand.

Trump’s base, whoever they really are, and even others, may let it all blow over as long as the economy does not tank. But over the long run I am sure we will all feel the pain if the U.S. loses its leadership position. Being the leader of the free world comes with a cost, but considering the alternative, a slave to Russia, I think it is probably worth it.


Maybe Putin really does have a copy of the pee tape in his back pocket.





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