Americans appear willing to put up with corruption if the economy is good…

The fact that such a corrupt and malevolent and ill-prepared president is still in office — Donald Trump — is often blamed on that stubborn contingent of loyal, and blind, Trump supporters, and I would add other Republicans who just want to hold on to the power of the White House at any cost.

BUT, I think it is more that Trump got into office because of the antipathy, or weariness toward or about Hillary Clinton among Democrats and others, and still others who just wanted to gamble and see how things might work out not having conventional leadership.

And I heard one political science professor this morning opine that it was not the relatively small but loyal Trump following but a lot of other people who would not openly support him but don’t want to rock the boat what with good economic times and low unemployment.

So maybe just because his former lawyer today made a plea deal in federal court concerning bank and tax fraud and illegal campaign finance charges under the condition that he rat on Trump (my read on it, I explain at bottom), and just because one of his former campaign managers was convicted today on 8 of 18 counts of bank and tax fraud, does not mean the world is falling down around Trump — although it might be.

(I originally inadvertently typed 8 out of 10 instead of the correct 8 out of 18).

Meanwhile, wife Melania, some say, is trolling him, by going on a crusade against cyber bullying when she and all of us know that the president is the cyber bully in-chief with all of his wild and inflammatory tweets with all their mendacity.

I’ll just sum this up by saying I think it will take some major downturn in the economy or some other event — but economics is the key — people will turn a blind eye to a lot of things if they feel good about the economy — to turn the mood of the public and in turn the legislative branch of the government to move toward removal of Trump.

And these legal developments are old hat in politics where power and money corrupt.

Remember — if you’re old enough — the Jimmy Carter administration where the pious former Sunday school teacher Carter had a fella named Bert Lance in his cabinet. As I understand it, Lance never was convicted but all kinds of bank shenanigans back in Georgia were attributed to him.

Bill Clinton used his White House office as his private bordello, and ordered missile launches and air strikes overseas, some say in a wag-the-dog attempt to defect attention away from his own scandals.

Don’t blame the Russians for Trump. Blame all of those who voted for him and all of those who failed to vote against him. And the Electoral College system too.

And I should add: poor Hillary’s bad luck. I mean she was a shoo-in two times for the presidency, but the first time around came the first black man to attain enough support to be a contender (and who finally won of course) and then a bankruptcy prone real-estate charlatan who announced his candidacy on a lark and some say astonished not only a nation but himself by winning.

He won and law-abiding and moral and reasonable people lost.

We’ll get through it. I think…


I wrote that Trump’s former lawyer (referring to Michael Cohen) made a plea deal involving ratting on Trump — maybe that is not precise. The New York Times and others report that ratting on Trump was not part of the deal. But if you read the stories you see he did and no doubt this will help him get a lesser sentence, I think. So it is at least an implied agreement.





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