If my guy does it, it’s a minor breach, if your guy does it, it’s a crime…

There is or has been hypocrisy among many Democrats on sex scandals true. I mean what is the difference between Bill Clinton’s escapades with an intern and his lewd behavior with others and Donald Trump’s grabbing and his consorting with prostitutes or shady women?

But I question the equivalence some Trump diehards express when Trump is accused of crime. Trump may have directed his then attorney, Michael Cohen, to break the law concerning campaign donations or at least cover up somehow his hush money to at least two who I refer to as prostitutes. His faithful seem to think it is no worse and maybe less of a crime than Hillary Clinton using her own personal computer server for government business. “Lock her up”, they chant. Really? For what? First of all I think she is probably like me and near clueless on the technical details of how computers work. Sure, she can operate one, we all can, but that does not mean we know the technology inside and out. And from what I have read she did not clearly break any law, policy perhaps, and others, including Republicans, including one of her predecessors as Secretary of State, Colin Powell, bypassed official channels in favor of personal equipment. Now in the process had she shared high-level state secrets, well that might be a different story. No evidence on that. The government likes to stamp everything secret — probably even lunch menus. And no evidence of intent anyway.

But that is what the Trump faithful fall back upon:

I grabbed this quote from one of them from the San Diego Union Tribune. A man said he would continue to support the Republican local congressman who along with his wife had just been indicted (not convicted) for using thousands of dollars of campaign funds for personal expenses to support their way-beyond-their-means-lifestyle.

“It seems if you’re a Republican, with the current Department of Justice, and you should get an IRS audit, you instead get federal court,” he said. “But if you’re a Democrat with a secret server in your basement, that seems to be OK. We see a double standard.”

Okay, yes, I will admit that some bias is probably there in the bureaucracy in what they choose to prosecute — but don’t do the crime and you don’t face the time.

The guilt is with both major political parties.

The rats continue to infest the swamp, not clean it.


That congressman and his wife:






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