So was Mitt right about building up our Navy?

Gee, maybe Mitt Romney should have been elected president back in 2012. Wasn’t he pushing for building more Navy ships?

Why are we just now waking up to find China has the world’s largest Navy?

According to a story I just read in the New York Times (in the middle of the night where I am; I could not sleep):

Last year, the Chinese Navy became the world’s largest, with more warships and submarines than the United States, and it continues to build new ships at a stunning rate. Though the American fleet remains superior qualitatively, it is spread much thinner.

And I am not sure I completely understand that paragraph. So supposedly China has more ships but not the quality and maybe capability of our Navy?

The story goes on to say that expert observers say that China is focusing on controlling the South China Sea (and all the waters that touch its shores) and that in that regard it is doubtful the U.S. Navy could prevail there.

I of course need to read more than one story in the middle of the night to get a grip on all this, but it is certainly coming to me in the middle of the night. And I get the impression it may be just dawning on some in Washington that it’s a new day in the Far East.

While we fight our ongoing culture war here at home, a new power is arising. The emerging power of course is China, both militarily and in world trade.

(I can’t say President Trump is not taking on China in trade. He is and the jury is out on how that will go.)

I for one think that we, the U.S., should strive to have good relations with all nations of the world to the extent we can but we should at the same time retain our strength. We will be sorry if we don’t.

Poor Mitt, no one listened to him about the need for ships. He also maintained that Russia was still a dangerous adversary as it was during the Cold War and was ridiculed for it.

It does not help that we are losing our leadership edge around the globe with a president who needlessly hurls insults at the world.

We’d be a lot stronger if we retained friends and respect around the globe.

We need cordiality from the White House backed up by military might, that old Teddy Roosevelt speak softly but carry a big stick approach.






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