Time to bring the Trump resistance out into the open…

UPDATE: Now that I think it all over, I really think working in secret behind the president’s back to thwart him is wrong and in itself is a severe threat to our democracy. And this is from someone (me) who does not care for Trump and would like to see him leave office. But I think the resistance loses its credibility and so does the New York Times by acting in secret (the Times not disclosing the name of the author describing the resistance and its cause). This is serious business and it needs to be out in the open.

So if there really is a secret resistance movement within the Trump administration at the highest level are they doing the nation a service, are they committing mutiny or some form of it, are they committing sabotage, or are they traitors?

Point of view and partisanship and a dictionary might be needed to answer that question.

I’ll let you the reader consult the dictionary (although if anything you would likely consult a dictionary in the computer, as I am wont to do these days, but you really ought to try the good book, and I am referring to a real book, but not the Book, although it no doubt has something to say on these matters too).

While the current situation where the New York Times has published what it portrays as an anonymous insider’s description of an ongoing resistance within Trump’s administration to curb some of his evil and dangerous directives is said to be unprecedented, there have been similar situations I think in the past — just can’t come up with one at the moment. But the point I want to make is that many people feel that if you work for someone, particularly in the public sphere, and you can’t agree with his or her directives, then the honorable and right thing to do is to resign.

But the current action as described seems to be something like a mutiny. But sailors on a ship can’t resign. They have nowhere to go and besides that they are held by law and tradition on the high seas and of course practicality.

These White House resistance members could resign but they feel they would be more effective in saving the country by remaining and protecting us all from Trump, who among other things carries that nuclear football around (figuratively, someone carries it for him) and can order up all kinds of mischief at a whim (and he does).

But I wonder if it would not be more effective and credible to come out in the open. Resign. Make statements. Give evidence. Plea for action. Better to let the American people decide. Let them bring the pressure upon the government via opinion polls and voting. Congress, who has the power to impeach, is good at detecting which way the wind blows.

And, as I said before in this blog, if the situation is that dire, then they should move toward removal through the 25th Amendment. Hard as it is to fathom, Trump might be able to be talked into resigning if he thought he was playing a losing hand. Nixon did.

And Trump knows all about declaring bankruptcy.



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