Those who lean right and may now suffer at the hands of Trump should have known…

So has President Trump finally jumped the shark with his government shutdown over the imaginary invasion from the south?

What can the Tea Party, that amorphous (there is no one Tea Party) group of Constitution defenders think of their beloved Trump’s move to create a dictatorship and bypass the constitutional provision that only congress can appropriate funds by toying with the idea of declaring a national emergency where there is none?

Oh they cried dictatorship when Barrack Obama used executive orders to do such things as to protect dreamers (undocumented children brought to the country as infants and being threatened to be deported to a nation they knew nothing about, including in many instances the language).

But now their beloved Make-America-Great-Again Trump is threatening to cut off aid to those who suffered from the wildfires that ravished so much of Trump country (I know. I live in one of those areas — I did not suffer damage). Yup, this is most definitely Trump country. He’s also threatening to cut off funds for hurricane-ravished Puerto Rico.

And all of those farmers who supported Trump only to see him close off their export markets in a trade war he started and now to shut down the government, thus halting government relief to them that had been enacted to counter damage from the Trump trade war.

And my own local Trump-supporting congressman has to smile nervously on TV and lament Trump’s mindless tweets but assure his constituents that he has faith their unpredictable leader will keep a promise to help out his to date unwavering supporters in the hinterlands.

And all those Republican lawmakers who hide behind the shield of Trump and overlook some of his nonsense and outrageous behavior must be getting a tad nervous by now. Just ask all those Republican congressmen who lost their elections in the mid terms.

Yes, I realize these people were looking for the anti-Hillary but maybe they should have been more careful of what they wished for.

Kind of reminds me of the song Tom Jones sung about the old woman who took in an injured snake only to have the serpent recover and inject her with poisonous venom with its bite:

You bit me!” cried the woman…”and there ain’t no reason why!

You know you’re far too poisonous and now I’m gonna die!”

Oh shut up, silly woman…” said the reptile with a grin,

“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in”.

Trump’s history was well documented folks.

And I wonder, could it be that people only decry dictatorship when it is on the wrong side of the political line between left and right?

But just an observation about those government workers who have had their paychecks cut off:

First, I think it is reprehensible to cut off funding and leave workers hanging and should be illegal. And for sure they all should get back pay once this thing is over.

And second, I realize that salaries for government workers vary widely.

But thirdly, perhaps some of these workers, especially those fairly up on the pay scale, might heed the old adage that one should save back enough money to cover one’s self and family for at least six to twelve months. I mean I cringe when I hear that these government workers are living paycheck to paycheck. Either we are not paying them enough or they are profligate with their money.

Even so, I would not blame any government worker expected to show up for work without being paid to not do so. That would be their call.


Meanwhile, Trump does have an advantage. Words and promises and facts mean nothing to him. So he is quite capable of turning on a dime and changing policy.







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