Now that it’s done, the Mueller Report, will there be a smoking gun? If not, it may accrue to Trump’s favor…

Psst, pass it on. The Mueller report has been submitted.

But even though this thing has all but consumed our federal government and politics for two years now — the length of Donald Trump’s presidency — we, the public, whose interest the whole thing is supposed to be in, will not see it until the powers that be let us. And then we may only get to see part of it. I don’t know.

My initial thought here is that as bad as Trump has been and continues to be for our nation, for our freedoms, for our security, for our self-respect in the world, unless there is a smoking gun the ironic thing is that this report might actually help Trump. Heck he could cruise through the 2020 election to a landslide unless the Democrats manage to dangle a bright and shiny enough object before the voters that catches their fickle fancy — like maybe a big white-toothed Beto, or this gay but down to earth phenom I’ve just been reading about, Pete Buttigieg (booty edge edge), or perhaps the flashy, effervescent Kamala Harris, as the first female and woman of color president.

Even though Special Council Robert Muller kept mum during this time and was lauded for his secrecy — not indicting anyone, especially not the president, before the facts were in — it has seemed that there has been a titillating revelation out of the investigation each week, except that when said in done just led us in circles.

What do lawyers say? Like chasing a rabbit?

And yes, back there where I said there have been no indictments I guess I meant of the president. I know others have been but really on indirect matters not the central question of did the Trump campaign collude with the Russians in the 2016 presidential campaign. Oh, there were some Russians indicted who are not likely to show up here for court proceedings.

My background on all this is getting a bit confused. But it seems to me that as much as we have all heard or read about this thing, unless it can be shown that the president took an active part in all this — evidence beyond a reasonable doubt or better (like a Nixon tape), it probably works more to Trump’s advantage. He can use all of the hoopla over the past two years and call it proof that the Democrats were just out to get him, spewing malicious gossip and lies — fake news as it were.

But over the next day or week — not too long I hope — we will see what happens.


So after posting the above, I read a New York Times story and ran across the following, adding to my suspicion that anything less than a smoking gun will not likely hurt Trump (keep in mind this is just part of the story not a conclusion):

  1. …that anything short of a taped telephone conversation with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia may be interpreted as exoneration.

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