Maybe we should try respect with Iran, nothing to lose…

After president Trump lobbed insults at Iran, I think it was their foreign minister who suggested that Trump should try respect, it’s better for diplomacy.

The Iran hostage crisis was decades ago and the U.S.’s installing of the Shah of Iran to be the dictator of that country and the subsequent takeover by Islamic fundamentalists was a long time ago too.

And there is no more Soviet Union, so Iran can’t be a vassal state of the old Soviet empire we faced off with in the Cold War. It is apparently a sponsor of world terrorism — that’s a problem. But mean words will not stop that. It seems doubtful an invasion would be practical — we’d get bogged down in a monumental conflict no doubt, which we might not be able to end, except possibly by the doomsday weapon, a terrible weapon that has such limited use. The United States is the only one to have ever used it  (that of course was the two A bombs we dropped over Japan to end World War II). Today’s nuclear weapons are far stronger and more lethal. We might well end the world to save it, which of course makes no sense.

I have written in the past more than once that we should never let Iran get the bomb. My idea was not to be so outward about it, but to let that nation’s leaders know through indirect channels that we would take the necessary steps to prevent it. That would give them an out to halt their progress towards nuclear weapons and save face — they just decided to save the time and effort and money and work on their economy. We could offer the olive branch and an openness to trade.

But of course small nations want the bomb because it commands respect. Look how Kin Jong-un of North Korea has used it. He made the leader of the world’s most powerful country deal with him.

The United States must do what it must do for its own defense. But overdoing it by going to war unnecessarily with no end game gets us nowhere, only deeper in the mire.

Perhaps a little respect for Iran is in order. What have we to lose? If all else fails we still have our military might. But diplomacy never offered can’t be said to have failed (and I am referring to between the current U.S. administration and Iran).

Even so, once committed to battle, there really is likely no overdoing it. As in sports, winning is everything. No more Korea stalemates, Vietnam capitulations, Iraqi half way measures, or impotence against Iran (where the holding of hostages resulted in an American president sequestering himself in the White House rose garden).

If we can have friendly relations with Saudi Arabia, where 9/11 really stemmed from —  most or all of the perpetrators were from there — why can’t we deal with Iran?


And please no George W. Bush-style nation-building (something he vowed never to do but did so anyway, or tried to).

The Saudi link to 9/11 has never been officially recognized but evidence suggests either the government of that nation or officials of the government helped sponsor the attack.




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