As we get dumber and dumber…

Often I get my ideas for a post from one article. The following paragraph from a piece in the ny times opinion section caught my eye:

Automation, robotics and machine learning will, as many august bodies, from the Bank of England to the White House, have predicted, substantially shrink the work force, creating widespread technological unemployment. But that’s only a problem if you think work — as a cashier, driver or construction worker — is something to be cherished. For many, work is drudgery. And automation could set us free from it.


I’ll have more later, but for now I can only say that true some jobs are pure drudgery, and where they can they should be replaced with technology or eliminated outright. But then again our work is part of our soul. It is part of what makes us human. And do I think my work as a truck driver should be cherished? Well each month when I pay my rent and each year when I take what has become my annual trip to Spain I do. And also when I awake each day and realize that I have a purpose. And what happens when we automate everything, even those cerebral jobs, with not only mechanical tasks but artificial intelligence? In a generation we will dumb down ouselves to the point of oblivion. No one will have to do or think anything. And no one will be able to.

Maybe I just said it all there.

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